Half-assed Preview: Bulls @ Hornets

Published: December 1, 2006

Our severely depleted Hornets meet the underachieving Bulls at the Ford Center today for one of those basketball game things.


Given that the Hornets will be without David West, Peja Stojakovic and probably Bobby Jackson, I think it's only fair that they scrap the traditional five-on-five full court approach and play three-on-three on one basket instead. All scores worth a point, first to 11, call your own fouls, check it outside the arc every change of possession. The Hornets could play CP, Tyson and assistant coach Kenny Gattison. It wouldn't matter which three the Bulls bring out. They'd get their asses kicked. Boo-ya!

Let's pretend though for a second that the three-on-three thing doesn't happen. Here's what you need to know about the adolescent Bulls…

  • The Bulls are just 5-9 on the season, which isn't great considering they were supposed to rule the NBA this year. They were actually just 3-9 before beating up on the Knicks twice in the past week. They won those two games by an average of 14 points.
  • Big Ben's performance in Chi-town has been well documented. In a nutshell: He's averaging just 5.6 points and 9.4 boards a game, he's not allowed wear his headband anymore, and he's a bit banged up right now.
  • Ben's averages are less than Tyson Chandler's, btw. How interesting.
  • The Chicago media are all abuzz about Tyson's first game against the Bulls. Not much mention of poor Jannero, though. Shucks.
  • Good ol' PJ Brown started six games for the Bulls earlier in the season, but has since been moved to the bench. He was impressive against the Knicks on Tuesday, scoring 14 and grabbing 8. He's averaging about 6 and 5 for the season.
  • So who is playing well for the Bulls? Well, Luol Deng is their leading scorer, averaging 18ppg, and Kirk Hinrich of the Hinrichs is scoring 17 and dishing 6 a game. Full team stats are here.
  • The Bulls cheerleaders look like this. Not like this.
  • Former LSU Tiger Tyrus Thomas was picked fourth overall by the Bulls in the draft, but hasn't shown much yet. Benjamin Hochman has the full story on the rook over at the T-P.
  • Someone over at Blog-A-Bull thinks Jamaal Magloire would be a nice addition to the Bulls.

That about does it. Your usual bunch of relevant links are below. Tip is at 7pm CT. If the Hornets lose this one, we'll be sitting on a five-game losing streak until at least next Wednesday. I may develop a drinking problem.

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