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Surprise: The Mavs beat the Hornets

Published: November 26, 2006

I was close to not posting at all today, given the Hornets miserable, horrible, putrid, disgusting, ugly, stomach-churning, sickening, revolting, vomit-inducing 73-85 loss to the Mavs yesterday evening.

I respectfully disagree with that call, sir 

Thankfully, the Saints are right about now putting the finishing touches on a second demolition of the Atlanta Falcons, so I'm feeling average again.

I could make excuses for the Hornets and point out that they were missing two of their best scorers, but that's part of the disappointment right now. Injuries, injuries, injuries. Injuries are the one thing that can fuck up this season for the Hornets, and the way things are going, it's going to be one fucked up season.

Sure, the Hornets are 8-6 right now. Not a bad record. But it's hard to be optimistic when they've averaged 78 points over the past three games. And what's wrong with Chris Paul? And Rasual Butler? And Desmond Mason?

Oh well, could be worse. Deron Williams could be making Ron Boone look like a genius right about now.

I'm done.

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