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The Clippers beat the Hornets

Published: November 12, 2006

Ok, it's officially time to worry. The Hornets just got done losing to the Clippers, 92-76. Apart from two buckets by Chris Paul in garbage time, our guys managed just 8 points in the fourth quarter.

That's a big steamy pile of shit.

There wasn't much of this todayAt least we can take comfort in the fact that the Hornets are finding new and interesting ways to lose each night. First they tried giving up a billion points in Golden State, and that seemed to work. Next they decided to race out to a massive, surely insurmountable lead against the Blazers, then managed to let their hosts come back for the win. And now, Byron Scott has stumbled upon a new sure-fire way to lose: not scoring.

I don't usually blog right after a game because this is the kind of pissed-off mood I get in. It's like my girlfriend's mood when it's that time of the month and I call her a fat bitch.

I'm just kidding. I don't have a girlfriend.

And hey, it's not all bad news. At least the Saints are kicking ass right now. They might even score more than the Hornets today.

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