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Random shizzle: Unbeaten edition

Published: November 9, 2006

I was going to throw some more trivia at you right here, but I got hit in the face playing that basketball thing for reals yesterday, and now I have some kind of massive tit-like swelling below my right eye. No shit.

Given that, my attention span is even less than usual, which means I may not even finish some sen…

  • As you've probably heard by now, the Hornets are the last unbeaten team in the League. The Jazz dropped to 4-1 yesterday with a loss to zee Nets. has the Hornets at their top of their power rankings, which makes me feel all fuzzy inside. Although that might be the medication.
  • Fartman's got some funky new wallpaper over at the HR boards.
  • If you came here looking for a preview of tonight's game against the Warriors, tough titties. Try this instead.
  • There really is a blog for everything.
  • Last week's trivia answers are in the comments here. Well, most of 'em anyways.
  • Darnell Mayberry blogs an interesting run-down of his experiences in all the different NBA cities. Good shit. 

That's all I've got. Sucks, huh?

The Unbeatens take aim at 5-0 tonight in Oakland. That game tips at 9:30pm CT. Beating the same team twice in three days isn't easy, but neither are these Hornets. 

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