Know your Hornets

Published: November 2, 2006

Welcome to our legendary and infamous Hornets trivia dealio, where the participants are few and the prizes are fewer.

Two weeks ago, the questions were too easy. Last week, they might have been too hard. If we are to believe anything from that story with the three bears, this week should be just right. Dive in…

  1. Lance Young is a sports agent. He represents two Hornets' players. Name them.
  2. Who's the heaviest player on the current roster?
  3. In October 1999, then-Hornets guard Eldridge Recasner was a passenger in a vehicle involved in an accident. He suffered a broken shoulder and a partially collapsed lung. He went on to appear in 56 more games in the NBA, but was never the same player. Question is, who was driving the car when it crashed?
  4. Why did Baron Davis cross the road?
  5. David West was the Hornets leading scorer and rebounder last season. Prior to that, who was the last player to lead the team in both those categories in the same season?

Those are the main five for you guys to answer, although we do have a super-fantastic bonus question this week. It's so super-fantastic that I don't even know the answer myself. Here goes:

  • Having beaten the Celtics yesterday, the Hornets have now played 19 season openers. What's their record in those games?

Answers on a postcard or in the comments.

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