Half-assed Preview: Hornets @ Celtics

Published: November 1, 2006

We're about three hours from tip-off as I write this. The Hornets are opening the season at 6:30pm CT, playing the Celtics in Boston. I previewed the match-ups for this blog, although that was before Red Auerbach died and and made this whole game a big emotional night for the C's, thus giving them extra incentive to win.

Peja vs Paul

So the Hornets have their work cut out for them tonight. Here's a few relevant links you might want to check before and after the game…

Them be all Celtics' blogs. They're a lot like this blog, except they're about the Celtics. Imagine Celtics247.com, if you will. That's not an actual website, btw. Or maybe it is.

I just checked. It kind of is a website, but not about the Celtics. At least not yet. What were we talking about?

Right, right, season starting and all that. A good place to discuss the game later is always the HR message boards, or you could be a pioneer and discuss the game on the comments here. You may be on your own, though. Good luck with that.

If you do go the HR route, just be careful not to use the letters O, K and C together in a sentence or you might cause heads to explode. For example, discussing Radiohead's album OK Computer is completely out of the question.

Anyways, that's all I've got. You can kind of see how today has my mind racing in a million thousand different directions. I'm so excited I've been walking funny for the past week.

Hey, remember when I said "that's all I've got?" Yeah, I kinda lied… Check out the NBA Haiku Preview over at SLAMonline. Three of mine are there. Here's one that didn't make the cut:

Too many syllables
In Peja Stojakovic
To do much with this

I think that's not strictly a haiku because "many" has two syllables. Unless you say it quick. Whatever.

Speaking of SLAMonline, Chris Paul is officially Top 10. Yup, he's better than all those other guys. SLAM said so. It must be true.

Back to matters at hand, and here's a big AP preview of the game tonight.

Ok, I'm out. Let's bring it home tonight, Hornets. It's our season, baby.

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