David West got paid

Published: October 31, 2006

In the fast-moving world of internet blogging, David West signing a contract extension is already old news.

West got paidReally, it was a no-brainer for the Hornets at this stage. They had to do this. If they were broke and simply couldn't quite afford to pay him, I would have helped out by donating all $14.96 of my life-savings. I wouldn't mind doing without that second pair of pants if it meant D-Dub stays in teal.

Of course, this is all very different from a year ago, when the Hornets picked up the fourth-year option on West's rookie contract right before the season started. I thought that was a dumb move. Why take that risk? Dude had just come off a horrible sophomore season, one in which he averaged more sprains and strains than points and rebounds.

And the Hornets were going to extend his contract? WTF? Wouldn't it have made more sense to see how he did in year three before investing another $2 million in him?

Thankfully, I'm not in charge of these decisions for the Hornets. I applied for the job once, but never heard back.

Allan Bristow or Jeff Bower or whoever was calling the shots this time last year (Byron Scott?) obviously knew back then what we know now: David West is for real.

Congrats on the new contract, D. I know you'll earn it.

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