Random Shizzle – Fast and Furious edition

Published: October 26, 2006

A friend pointed out yesterday that today is Thursday, October 26th, and that October 26th won't fall on a Thursday again for like another six years or something. I think that's reason to celebrate, so I'm going to post four times today.

Not all of these posts will make sense or be particularly readable, but I think you'll agree that it's the effort that counts. Kinda like Linton Johnson.

I was already up at the crack of dawn to post about the Sacramento game (scroll down if you missed it), and was surprised to discover that dawn sounds more like a slap than a crack. Here's some shizzle…

  • On Tuesday I mentioned Darnell Mayberry's blog, commenting about how rarely he updates it. Then he goes and updates it four frickin' times within twelve hours, including updates from his seat at the Kings game. It's really great stuff, too. Go read.

    This can only mean that Mayberry not only reads this fantastic humble blog, he's also influenced by it. Given that, I think he should quit his job and recommend me as his replacement.

  • The Hornets did the unthinkable and picked up the option to extend Chris Paul's contract, keeping him in teal until at least 2007-08.
  • Maybe, just maybe, Baron Davis is finally getting it.
  • You've probably heard about that OKC group officially buying the Sonics a few days ago, which means Bricktown most likely will not be without NBA basketball after the Hornets move back home next season. Sucks to be a Sonics fan. Lang Whitaker's got some good write-up on this.
  • It's HornetsReport.com versus The Oklahoman, round 568.

Be right back.

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