Know your Hornets

Published: October 26, 2006

Ok, so the questions were obviously way too easy last time round, so I'm going all Cingular on you guys this week. Remember, there are no wrong answers, only incorrect ones…

  1. How many triple-doubles has Chris Paul had so far in his NBA career?
  2. The Hornets just finished the preseason with a record of 2-5. What was their preseason record last year?
  3. Math time: (Desmond Mason + Tyson Chandler) – Cedric Simmons = which current Hornet?
  4. Who was the Hornets first ever draft pick?
  5. If you didn't know already, Desmond Mason is an accomplished artist. Which other Hornet is a big-time art fan, with a noted collection of African-American artwork?
  6. In relation to the Hornets, who is Dick Harter?
  7. "The sky is fallin nobody ballin they done gave back they guns / for some tickets to the playoffs but the Hornets they won."

    The above be a lyric. Name the artist and the song.

  8. Prior to Marcus Vinicius, who was the last Brazilian to make the Hornets roster?
  9. Jamal Mashburn holds the franchise record for most points scored in a game, with 50 against Memphis back in 2003. What was the record before that, and who held it?
  10. Baron Davis wanted to wear number 5 when he was drafted by the Hornets in 1999, but that number was already taken by which player?

Now them some tough questions. If you get them all right, you win the title of "Official Team Stalker."

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