Random Shizzle: Nina Simone edition

Published: October 24, 2006

Yo, where we at? The Hornets are wrapping up a spectcularly crap preseason this evening when they play the Kings again, this time in Sacramento at 9pm. Can we finish with a W? Will Tyson Chandler forget about his booboo and lace em up?

Yes, it's a wonderful time of intrigue and excitement we live in. Here's some random shizzle from all over the place…

  • Michael "Mike" Bibby won't be playing tonight after suffering an injury called mallet thumb in Sunday's game. It sounds kinda cool, but apparently it means that his tendon doesn't hook up with his bone anymore, so it's moreso painful than cool. He should miss the first two weeks of the regular season, which doesn't mean much to us since we don't play the Kings until January.
  • Catching up with some old faces: Jim Cleamons is happy in LA, Bostjan Nachbar has huge ears (his words, not mine), and Chris Andersen is still focused on getting back to the NBA. If you only read one of those three stories, make sure it's the Birdman one.
  • I'm accidentally listening to a song right now called I Will Play for Gumbo.
  • You may have seen the countdown for the SLAM's top 50 players in the NBA right now, over at SLAMonline.com. I've been waiting and waiting for Chris Paul to show up, but we're now down to 17 (Tracy McGrady), and no sign of CP3. Point guards who have already made an appearance include Tony Parker, Chauncey Billups and Stephon Marbury. It's looking like our boy is going to be ranked pretty high. We'll keep an eye on it.
  • This dude loves the Hornets so much, he stole season tickets valued at $2,100. And got caught. In his defense, if you absolutely have to steal something, that's not a bad way to go.
  • Did you know, Darnell Mayberry of the Oklahoman has a Hornets blog. He doesn't update it much.
  • That NBA Previews thing is still rolling hard. One of these days I'll get them all linked up.

How was it for you?

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