Know your Hornets

Published: October 19, 2006

Before we launch into the trivia, just need to clarify that tonight's Hornets-Warriors game is in LA, not Oakland. Apparently there's some kind of mini-tounament type deal going on there at the Staples. The Clippers and Lakers are also involved, and it's called the Lakers Shootout. The Hornets may end up playing the Lakers or the Clips tomorrow, depending on the results tonight.

I've never heard of this before. I'm even more confused than normal.

Anyway, just five questions this week. Hands up who knows the answers:

  1. Which current Hornet was once asked for an autograph by Michael Jordan?
  2. Name the Hornets' three assistant coaches.
  3. Marcus Vinicius, Brandon Bass, Tim Pickett… who's next?
  4. If train A leaves Station 1 heading east at 40mph, while train B leaves Station 2 heading west at 45mph, where is Rasual Butler from?
  5. Which player has scored the most points against the Hornets thus far in the preseason?

Hornets tip against the Warriors at six. Baron Davis played 44 minutes against the Blazers on Tuesday, so his legs should fall off about seven minutes in tonight. True story.

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