Random Shizzle: Dime Edition

Published: October 15, 2006

Actually, there's not much random shizzle to talk about. This is mostly just to say that I previewed the Hornets for Dime magazine and you can read it here. Actually, not right there. That's just the intro. The actual preview is here. They insisted I keep it to 250 words or less, so I tried not to use the same word twice. I just noticed though that I used "the" twice in the first four words, so I guess I fucked that up.

Oh well.

Dime coverI've been thinking lately that maybe I've been expecting too much of the Hornets this season. I said they absolutely positively HAVE TO make the Playoffs. Then I went completely nuts and said they have a shot at the title.

I could try and defend that viewpoint, but my head is still buzzing from the Saints win over Philly. But let me know what you guys think in the comments. Is it completely insane to consider the Hornets a championship team?

Oh, and just so you know, every time I get more than five comments, I go to the pound and adopt a puppy. So, no pressure or anything, because not commenting is cool, too. It's just that more puppies will remain homeless.

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