Know your Hornets

Published: October 12, 2006

You may have noticed that more and more people are writing about the Hornets these days, and it's getting increasingly difficult to keep up with it all. So, every now and then, I'll be throwing some questions at you to see if you've been paying attention. There's no prizes or anything (yet), but feel free to show off by posting the answers in the comments. The correct answers will be posted there after a couple days.

So here we go:

  1. Who's the oldest player on the team?
  2. The Hornets loss to the Mavs on Tuesday was all too familiar. How many consecutive times have Dallas beaten the Hornets in the regular season?
  3. If David West had five apples and he gave you two, what college did he go to?
  4. Who said it: "I went on a strict diet, changed my eating habits. I wanted to come into camp in better shape. I cut out red meat, candy, sweet drinks. I ate fish, chicken and vegetables, and a lot of water."
  5. Who is Terry Kofler?
  6. Which player's father was hospitalized for four days earlier this week after a minor fall?
  7. Who did the players elect as team captains this week?
  8. What number did Alonzo Mourning wear as a Hornet?
  9. Who wears that number for the Hornets now?
  10. Desmond Mason celebrated his 29th birthday yesterday. Who's the next player on the current roster to celebrate a birthday?

That should do it. If you know all the answers without looking shit up, you're a damn freak.

Back to our irregularly scheduled programming any day now. Don't forget, the Bugs play their second game of the preseason tomorrow. That's at 7pm at the Ford.

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