Random shizzle: The preseason starts here

The Hornets get to dress up and host the Mavericks tonight in an actual game of basketball that doesn't mean much. Here's some notes and ramblings to get you in the mood, baby, yeah…

  • Word on the internet streets is that Peja Stojakovic has been hampered by cramps, and he probably won't play tonight. And so it begins.
  • Also ailing are Marc Jackson of the Jacksons, and Quiznos Vinicius, both of whom have hamstring injuries. At first this seemed like just a coincidence, but on further investigation it was revealed that it is in fact just a coincidence.
  • Yesterday, Chris Paul broke the record for saying the word "season" the most times in fifteen seconds:

    "I’ve learned that it’s a few different seasons. Preseason is one season. The regular season is another. I haven’t been to the playoffs, but I heard the playoffs is another. And Wade said the finals is another season. And it’s a whole other season after the all-star break."

  • This from The Oklahoman today:

    "I don’t have a clue," Scott said of his planned rotation at point guard. "All of them are playing so (darn) good."

    What word you think they substituted "darn" for?

  • The Chris Paul SLAM cover got a makeover.
  • This guy thinks the Lakers will end up as the fourth seed and the Hornets won't even make the Playoffs. I'd call him a nutjob but my statements about the Hornets winning "the whole damn thing" puts me in a glass house.
  • Much linkage alert! Here's all the previews for the mighty Southwest Division as posted on NBA Blog Previews the past few days:

    Mavs preview by Mavs Moneyball.
    Rockets preview by Rockets Blast.
    Grizz preview by The Beale Street Beat.
    Spurs preview by Pounding the Rock.

  • Just learned from checking Mavs Moneyball that Jason Terry, Dirk Nowitzki, and Jerry Stackhouse are not likely to play tonight.
  • Stumbled across Henry Abbott's TrueHoopWiki a couple of days ago. Should be a good place to find out which agent represents a particular player, among other things. Nice resource.
  • Sam Rubenstein over at SLAMonline gives best and worst case scenarios for each team. For the Hornets…

    Best of times: Chris Paul brings the best out of Peja, and Tyson Chandler uses disrespect as a motivation to have his best season. Desmond Mason and David West add scoring and the Hornets are the proverbial team that nobody wants to play come playoff time.
    Worst of times: Chris Paul becomes frustrated that he’s the guy who’s running the team and is basically the head coach on the floor while the guy who is paid to coach just stands there with his arms crossed. After a tough playoff loss, Tyson calls out Peja for having no heart.

    Seriously now, why does SLAM hate Byron Scott?

So, that's about it. Mavs and Hornets at 7pm tonight at the Ford Center. I've never been happier.

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