Peja’s got mad handles, yo!

Published: October 9, 2006

ESPN are low on actual news to report, so they threw together all the player ratings in NBA Live '07. Being a sucker, I had a look at the Hornets, and was amazingly amazed by some of the numbers. Such as:

  • Peja scores higher in dribbling than Chris Paul.
  • Hilton Armstrong can't shoot.
  • David West is eighth on the team in the clutch rating, because it's not like he knocks down game winners or anything.
  • Jannero Pargo can't fly.
  • Byron Scott has it all wrong: Peja's better than Mason defensively.
  • Linton Johnson isn't as strong as Chris Paul.

CP3 LiveSo, taking all this into consideration, I think we can agree that these ratings are a bunch of testicles. (BTW, this was discussed weeks ago over on the HR boards. I'm late to the party.)

On an almost completely unrelated note, does anyone know if Marcus Fizer is actually on this team for training camp? The official roster says he doesn't exist, but I was under the impression we had him inked up. I remember Byron Scott telling "Marcus" to do something on that Real Training Camp show, but that might have been the Bazilian he was talking to.

You'd think I should know this stuff, but I'm none too bright.

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