Media day makes me feel fuzzy

Published: October 3, 2006

The Hornets had media day yesterday, in both Oklahoma City and New Orleans, because they're crazy like that. Training camp starts today, but before we get down to business, here's what we learned from media day…

(Most of this news and stuff was compiled from the various reports online today. You can find all the links on the news page.)

The new guys

  • The two new guys look exactly like the two guys pictured above. That would be Cornelius "Scooter" McFadgon on the left, and Luis Flores on the right. Flores likes to point. He likes to point a lot.
  • Tyson Chandler turned 24 yesterday, but apparently forgot all about his birthday because he's so focused on training camp. "(Jannero) Pargo had to tell me," said Chandler.

    You can look at this two ways: 1) Tyson really is focused on training camp, or 2) Tyson's brain doesn't work like that of a normal person. Whatever the truth, at least we can be happy that Jannero is fitting nicely into Casey Jacobsen's old role as Team Birthday Reminder Guy.

  • Chandler and Desmond Mason are blogging over at If you skip that, you're not missing much.
  • If you have NBA-TV, you can watch the Hornets live in training camp from 11am today, which is about an hour away as I'm typing this. Also, Friday's practice is open to season-ticket holders from 11am to 2pm. I have neither NBA-TV nor season-tickets. Life sucks.
  • The mohawk is still wearing Tyson Chandler:

    "At the beginning of the season I said I was going to train hard, so I wanted to get in my warrior mentality. So I cut the Mohawk as a joke but then it kind of stuck."

    2) Tyson's brain doesn't work like that of a normal person.

  • Byron Scott, who had intended to sell his home in New Orleans has taken it off the market. Read into that what you will. Interesting though how only the Times-Picayune (and not The Oklahoman) ran this quote from Scott:

    "My wife was like, 'Let's wait and see,' but I've got to get her to understand that from all indications we will back in New Orleans next year, which is great."

  • John Rohde of the Oklahoman thinks the Warriors made the Playoffs last year.
  • Peja is buying into the team-first thing:

    "You have to sacrifice. Every individual has to sacrifice something in his game in order to help the team. That's something that we are trying to build here. In order to have a good, successful team, we all have to sacrifice ourselves on the court."

  • Bobby Jackson has only played on one losing team in nine seasons, and that was Denver in his rookie year.
  • The best Oklahoma-based Hornets site on the whole damn internet, Hornets Central, has a new look. They've also got ESPN Insider, and they post a lot of John Hollinger's Hornets preview right here, which is nice for cheapskates like me. (Follow that link and you'll also learn there's 32 teams in the NBA this season. I had no idea.)
  • "I don't see how in the world we can fail not selling out opening night," said George Shinn yesterday. I can't not fail to see what he's talking about.
  • Shinn also said yesterday that he hopes by January to have a deal finalized with a New-Orleans based investor group who are interested in buying a minority stake of the team. There will be an open bar and cupcakes for everyone.
  • Carrie Underwood and Desmond Mason have something in common.

That felt a lot like Random Shizzle, didn't it? I'm liking the abundance of news, though.

Offseason, you're dumped.

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