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The calm before the storm

Published: October 1, 2006

Are you ready?

If not, nothing bad will happen, I'm just being overly dramatic. Fact is the boredom of the offseason officially ends tomorrow. Yes, Monday is media day, which means all the players will be back in town for photos and interviews and handshakes and lots of other stuff which doesn't involve actually playing basketball. Oh, and said town is New Orleans, which makes the whole thing even sweeter.

DXActual basketballs will be bounced on Tuesday, when training camp is set to begin. I read that Byron Scott said there's going to be lots of running and an increased focus on one-to-one defense during camp. Can't remember where I read it though, so no link. Go check the news page, it's there somewhere.

Hey, while we're here, we might as well throw out some random shizzle…

  • Mike Monroe of the San Antonio Express-News expects the Hornets to do damage this season:

    "The Hornets just missed the playoffs last season. They’ll be in the post-season next spring, with at least 50 wins."

    Right on.

  • Loving this from Steve Kerr's mailbag:

    Here's a new nickname for the Don Nelson-coached (again) Golden State Warriors – "Run-DNP," as a touching tribute to the hapless Baron Davis.

  • The Saints just fell to 3-1 after a loss at Carolina. Reggie Bush is still due his breakout game. (BTW, why are there no good Saints blogs?)
  • If you want to get an in-depth preview of every NBA team before the season starts, look no further than NBA Blog Previews. It's a big collective thing that all us bloggers are pulling together for. Today was the beginning, and everything you ever wanted to know about the Boston Celtics (from three different Celtics blogs!) is there right now. We're up sometime soon for the Hornets, not entirely sure when.

That might do for now. I'm gonna go convince this girl on MSN that kissing equals babies. 

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