YouTube Tuesday: Peja Stojakovic

Published: September 19, 2006

Yes, here we are again. I can hardly contain myself, just like Peja Stojakovic.

I had no idea what videos to link up until that last sentence spilled out. Peja it is then…

Peja, standing there, looking at the cameraFirst off we find out that if not for the war in Yugoslavia, Peja might be working in a grocery store right now. And you thought war was a bad thing.

Then there's Peja freaking LeBron. Well, kinda.

And lastly, there's a whole bunch of clips from dude's days with the Kings of Sacramento, set to Peja's favorite music. Mysteriously, there's not one defensive highlight in there.

For next week, can somebody make a Muggsy Bogues highlight video and upload it to YouTube? Cool, thanks.

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