Random Shizzle – Safari edition

Published: September 8, 2006

Some Hornets-related stuff worth your attention. Let's get to it…

  • Following on from the last post, we've got a different opinion on the best small forwards in the NBA from RealGM's Aaron Bronsteter. Peja does significantly better in this list, ranking tenth. Might want to take that with a pinch of salt though, because Shawn Marion isn't in the top ten at all. Bye bye, credibility.
  • Rasual Butler is busy in South Africa with Kyle Korver, Manute Bol and Dikembe Mutombo. They pass the time watching lions eating wildebeest, having springbok for dinner and telling people not to get AIDS, because it's real itchy or something. And you thought Chris Paul was having a crazy summer.
  • If you know anybody who's a Cavs fan, tell them to quit whining about their new off-guard, former Hornet David Wesley. I'm already hearing groans about how he's too small and too old and his ears stick out too much, but the fact is that he's a fucking warrior. I love the guy. He's scored more points in the NBA than any other undrafted player not named Moses. He was always dependable for the Hornets, holding his own against bigger guards defensively, and good for around 15ppg.

    I remember how the Hornets constantly tried to get bigger and quicker at off-guard, bringing in guys like Courtney Alexander and JR Smith, year after year, but Wesley would bust his ass in training camp and earn a starting job anyway. Even before that, when the Hornets drafted Baron Davis to be their new point guard, Wesley just adapted his game and became a reliable off-guard. The Hornets couldn't keep him on the bench.

    Anyways, the point is that the dude might be 36 years old, and the Cavs may have a billion guards already on the roster, but don't be surprised to see David Wesley earning some significant minutes in Cleveland this season.

  • Speaking of old faces, the one belonging to Casey Jacobsen will be joining those belonging to Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady in Houston this season. You don't really care, do you?
  • Tyson Chandler won an award. He was honored by unheard of LA newspaper LA Focus as one of "LA’s Young Black Movers and Shakers," presumably because he's from LA and he's young and black and occasionally moves and shakes. You know who else fits that profile? Baron Davis! He got an award, too, as did Magic Johnson's son.

I'll leave you with a conversation overheard from Rasual Butler's safari party. It may not be entirely accurate because the little tribal boy who told me didn't have much english. It was mostly clicks and hand gestures, but I think I got what he meant…

Rasual: Did I ever tell you guys the story about how good I look?

Manute: I'd murder a twinkie right about now.

Dikembe: Ha ha ha ha! Leettle American think he handsome man, but you cannot compare with Mount Mutombo. You know how many women be bad with Dikembe?

Rasual: Naw, man. How many? Twenny? Twenny five?

Dikembe: Ha ha ha! No no, many many more. Eleventy women been with Dikembe and now walk funny.

Manute: I can see my house from here.

Rasual: So, you're saying I'm not god's gift to women?

Dikembe: Foolish man.

Kyle: Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude! You just got punk'd! Whooo! 

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