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Published: September 4, 2006

Ok, so we're back up and running, and things look a little different. Don't worry, you're in the right place. I'm still the same old Ron with the same bad jokes.

But is now Version 4.0. David West couldn't be happier…

Everyone's pumped

Of course, we've made some improvements. It looks a little funkier than before and there's some extra functionality that you might find useful.

A few things to highlight:

  • I personally think our new news section is the shit. Whenever we find some Hornets news online, the link goes in there. It's a lot like what Hornets Report do already, only better. Seriously, you won't miss a thing if you keep checking our news page regularly.
  • We now have RSS feeds, which I know nothing about, but I hear it's what all the cool kids are using these days. The blog feed is here and the news feed is here. Niall, the dude that's largely responsible for the site overhaul, will be throwing a post up here later explaining more about that stuff.
  • Each post can now be permalinked, rather than just getting lost in the archives when it's bumped off the homepage. I'm not sure how that's useful for most of you guys, but whatever.
  • Our links section rocks. We only linked up the sites that we visit ourselves, no more crap from link exchanges. Have a look through there and you'll find some new funky sites and blogs which you're sure to love almost as much as this one.
  • The majority of the old site is gone, so no access to the archives or any of the old awards or bubblewrap features. We might get around to back-linking all of that stuff some day, but don't hold your breath.

So that's pretty much it for now. Have a look around and try not to break anything. I'll get back to blogging the Hornets any day now.

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