You’re all screwed

Published: August 9, 2006

Ok, here's the deal: I'm heading out of town for a few days, to another town, and this other town may or may not have internet access. I won't know until I get there. Therefore, I probably won't be updating the site until next Monday.

I know, you're probably thinking that I don't update much anyway, but I'm not just talking about the blog, I'm talking the headlines to the left here, too.

Yes, sucks big time, doesn't it? You didn't realize how much you relied on me until I pulled the damn rug from under you. What you gonna do now? Go running to some other Hornets site? Yeah, just try it, see how far you get.

The silver lining here is that while this other town may be technologically-challenged, it is known to have lots of women and beer, so I'm going to have a blast. I might even tell you about it when I get back.

In the meantime, you could always check out that Hornet Henry dude over at, who this week answers questions from imaginary people. 

Hey, you know what the difference is between that guy and me? I can say things like fuck and shit. He can't.

I win. 

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