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  • Pelicans drop threes to take down Timberwolves

    Through three quarters, the Pelicans were being grinded slowly to death by the Timber wolves defense.  When they got into the paint, the shots they get were tough or just plain bad.  They had trouble keeping their dribble alive as the Timberwolves simply packed the paint, denying easy shots at the rim.  On the opposite […]

  • Game On: Timberwolves @ Pelicans

    It seems like the Pelicans have played the Wolves frequently – but each time neither team has fielded the same team.  The Pelicans didn’t have the Unibrow for the first game and was missing most of the team for the second tiff, starting Roberts, Gordon, Aminu, Stiemsma and Ajinca in perhaps the worst starting line-up […]

  • Game On: Minnesota @ Hornets

    Minnesota brings no Love to New Orleans.  Will Vasquez and Company take advantage?