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  • LeBron’s move to Cleveland allows Dell Demps to get creative with Asik trade

    What a day, huh? As soon as LeBron announced his decision that he would be heading back to Cleveland, the NBA free agency period quickly kicked into overdrive. Among the flurry of deals to take place this afternoon was the announcement of a trade between the Cavaliers and Pelicans that sent veteran small forward Alonzo Gee to New […]

  • New Orleans Pelicans MLE Tournament: Andray Blatche vs. Jordan Hill

    Andray Blatche (3 years and $15 million) by Jake Madison I’m going to reiterate what I said about both Emeka Okafor and Andray Blatche in the first round: Monty Williams wants a center for the Pelicans. Whether you agree or not it is what he wants. The team views Anthony Davis as a power forward, […]

  • New Orleans Pelicans MLE Tournament: Caron Butler vs. Thabo Sefolosha

    Caron Butler (2 years and $7 million) by: Nick Lewellen Let’s start off with some real talk. We have our core players already on the roster, and we all know that the Pelicans could have been much better last season if it weren’t for that horrific string of injuries. At this point, all we are […]

  • Season in Review: Anthony Davis

    “ There’s no other place I’d rather be.” – Anthony Davis, when discussing the city of New Orleans at All-Star weekend, 14th February 2014. In the two years since New Orleans won the draft lottery there has been mass transformation to a franchise fighting to get back into the playoffs. The team has evolved its roster […]

  • Season in Review: Alexis Ajinça

    Nearly two months into the 2013-14 NBA season, the New Orleans Pelicans announced the signing of 7’2″ center Alexis Ajinça after buying him out of his contract with Strasbourg of the Euro League. Ajinça was the 20th pick in the 2008 NBA draft, playing sparingly in his first three seasons before deciding to head back to France to […]

  • Season in Review: Al-Farouq Aminu

    Before the start of Anthony Davis’s first season, our own Jason Calmes and I had a talk about Monty Williams. It was regarding his ability to develop players, and whether he deserved a contract extension. We talked about his ability to have fringe guys become rotation players in the league (Marco Belinelli), but how do […]

  • Season in Review: Austin Rivers

    Where He Started Before we look at this year, let’s just go back to our evaluation of Rivers one year ago. Here is the Season in Review piece on Rivers from our own Ryan Schwan at the conclusion of his rookie year. Some highlights include: He’s below average as an NBA guard in every category. […]

  • Looking at the History of the Mid-Level Exception and How the Pelicans Might Use It

    The most likely outcome this summer is that, one way or another, the Pelicans use the Mid-Level Exception to add a fairly significant piece to the puzzle. The question I had was: What kind of player can you usually get with the MLE, and is it wise (historically) to use this exception? In order to […]

  • Season in review: Greg Stiemsma

    There’s an old mother’s saying that goes something like, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” For the New Orleans Pelicans Center Greg Stiemsma there wasn’t a whole lot to say. Last off-season Dell Demps made a trade that sent Robin Lopez to Portland. In doing so the Pelicans […]

  • Is a Low Post Defender Really Needed?

    Listening to Monty and Dell in the end of season press conferences, it was hard not to notice how often they mentioned putting a big man next to Anthony Davis (especially Monty!). They talked about the nights that guys like Nene and Al Jefferson tore us apart, and Monty talked about how it “wasn’t fair” […]

  • Season in Review: Tyreke Evans

    Welcome to our annual “Season in Review” series! Over the next five weeks, the Bourbon Street Shots team will be reflecting back on the performance of every New Orleans Pelicans player throughout the 2013-14 NBA season. Make sure to keep up with the series here, as there is lots of GREAT stuff to come. On July 5th, […]

  • Identifying the Next Anthony Morrow

    After an exciting summer that saw the Pelicans make bold trades for Jrue Holiday and Tyreke Evans, Dell Demps had some roster spots to fill and started by bringing back Al-Farouq Aminu, then signing Greg Stiemsma before finally bringing in Anthony Morrow on a minimum contract. Morrow was kind of an afterthought in a hectic […]

  • Would a Big Cap Increase Help or Hurt the Pelicans?

    Yesterday, Larry Coon projected quite a massive increase in next years’ salary cap and the natural question to ask is: What does this mean for the Pelicans? Well, first let’s talk numbers. Coon projects the salary cap to go from $58.7 million to $63.2 million. That is a 7.7% increase, which is higher than the […]