Don’t Panic if Anthony Davis Does Not Sign His Extension on July 1st

Published: June 18, 2015

Nearly 10 months ago, I wrote about the most important thing transaction the Pelicans will be a part of in the next few years – Anthony Davis’s contract extension. As stated in that article, the Pelicans are the only team that can give AD that designated five-year max contract and now that we know where the cap is going, that means a difference of about $27¬†million over the next five years when compared to what AD could get if he signed the qualifying offer next year and signed a 4-year contract with another team in 2017. Not to mention the security he would get immediately, as opposed to hoping nothing goes wrong this year, at the Olympics in 2016, and then in the following season.

But according to a source close to Anthony Davis, it might not be wise to expect Anthony Davis to sign that extension the second it becomes available to him on July 1st. The source says that Davis loves New Orleans, but he is still anxious to see how several things play out before committing for five more years. Namely, he wants to spend some time with new coach Alvin Gentry, while also seeing how the ownership situation plays out, and how Dell Demps manages the roster. (Note: The comments were made prior to Tom Benson being declared mentally competent and Gentry giving AD a shout out after the NBA Finals). 

The source said that Davis knows the same contract will be there later in the summer for him to sign and, therefore, there is no rush for Davis to immediately ink his name. While Davis could very well sign it the second that it is presented to him, he could also wait a few weeks or even a few months. This would not be unprecedented, as Paul George waited until late September to officially sign his max contract extension. According to league rules, Davis can sign the extension any time between July 1st and October 31st of this year. He would then play this season on a contract that pays him a little over $7 million, before the extension kicks in the next year and pays him over $140 million for the following five seasons.

Pelicans management was asked for comment, but declined to say anything at this time. Reports say that the Pelicans are preparing to offer Davis the extension the minute that he becomes eligible for it at 12:01 EST on July 1st. It is a contract that will show the franchise’s commitment to its superstar, and to building a championship contender for years to come. When asked, finally, what they would tell fans with regard to Anthony Davis and the contract extension, the source kept it simple, “Tell them not to worry. He will sign it. Just tell them that they might need to be a little patient.”

Easier said than done.


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