Pelicans get the Win, and AD gets a new Career High

Published: November 22, 2014

This game felt strange. It wasn’t something in particular. Just everything about it felt odd. First off, the Pelicans didn’t have their own guys broadcasting the game. If you got anything, you got the Utah broadcast. Then, it was a late west coast game on a Saturday night in November. There is never a lot of interest in those types of games. Also, did you notice how quiet Utah and their fans were? The crowd only really seemed to come alive at a couple of points, and their team even seemed a little disinterested on defense.

Look, the Pelicans (7-5) got the win, and that’s great. However at the end of the day, I don’t think I’d ever describe this as a memorable game. Even though the seasons is young, I am almost certain this won’t be they type of game I’ll be able to recall next May. It just didn’t have that feel. I guess that’s what I meant by strange. It didn’t feel memorable or significant.

Of course, there are two things that stood out tonight. The first was Anthony Davis. Yes, he broke a career high, but that mark probably won’t last long either. Just take a look at this stat line and admire the efficiency. 43 points on 16-23 shooting (69.5%), 11-12 from the free throw line (91.7%), 14 rebounds, two steals, and one block. That’s a pretty good night. He was spectacular. He just dominated the game. I could come up with some more things to say, but that line speaks for itself. He is special, and we are luck that we get to watch him play for our favorite team.

The other thing that stood out tonight was Gordon’s injury. Again, I know we won, and I know that AD had a big night. Still, I want to talk about Gordon, if only for a second. First off, I want to mention that Gordon played well before he got injured. Sure, he made a couple of errors, but the dude hit his first three shots and was hustling. Second, I want to say that we don’t know how bad it is, and we don’t know what will happen. I understand that people are frustrated he is injured again, but let’s talk about other things. Injuries happen. They happen to every team. It is simply an annoying variable that everyone must account for. We aren’t special, and we aren’t cursed.

Also, let’s not mock Gordon. I’m not in the business of telling other people what to say, but the guy has had it rough. He certainly doesn’t want to get injured. Like any person, he wants to be successful. He wants to accomplish something, and what happened tonight is preventing him from doing that. I don’t know what his future with this team will be. I don’t know if this injury will or won’t affect that future. I just know that right now he is a Pelican, and we should support him as Pelicans fans. Get well soon, Eric.

The Pelicans play again on Tuesday, November 25th, when the Sacramento Kings come to town. The game starts at 8 PM Eastern time. Be on the lookout for the game’s open thread, our coverage on twitter, and a recap of the game later that night.


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