Trew 2 the Game #27: Top 5 Reasons to Sit Court Side

Published: December 31, 2013

Last night’s game was not only the biggest win of the season for our Pelicans, it was also the biggest game of the year for yours truly. I’ve sat court side in 2011 but it was one row back (ugh, right?), our team wasn’t that exciting and we got blown out by the Phoenix Suns. This time I was zero rows back, our team is incredibly exciting and we beat one of the best teams in the league in dramatic fashion.


If you ever get the chance to sit court side do it. That statement may seen obvious but really, do it. Here’s the Top 5 Reasons to go big time at the New Orleans Arena.

#5. You can transmit positive messages through locked-in eye contact: There was a point in the second half where after a timeout Austin Rivers power-walked to his offensive assignment in the corner. As he approached his destination (right in front of my seat), we locked eyes. I said to him, “Austin, it’s going to happen. You are going to get those chances to succeed. You stay awake at night thinking about what you would do if you just had a chance. You will get that chance. Take advantage of what Monty gives you and stay focused.” I said all this with my mind but afterwards Austin played some above average defense so it must have worked.

Austin Rivers, by the way, might have the best kicks on the team (they have shiny heels).


#4. Finding out what you look like when being completely consumed with joy is informative.

Far left, hands in the air, mouth open, screaming words:


 See also:

#3. Counting the number of times players cut corners and break the rules is fun. Mo Williams had a handful of jersey for the majority of last nights’ game. LaMarcus Aldridge hooked his arm around Anthony Davis repeatedly. Robin Lopez constantly shoved and drove his shoulder into his defender.

The Pelicans were perfect and didn’t do any of the above (ahem).

Those things we all love about basketball? Yeah, they are magnified a trillion when you are that close to the players. The way they communicate to each other, their body language, what they say to the refs. It’s all there. This is obviously a benefit to sitting so close but you really have no idea how interesting it all is until you actually do it.

#2. Looking Pierre the Pelican in the eyes changes things. I wasn’t sure if it was going to keep me up at night. Wasn’t sure if it was going to make me sick. It didn’t do either of those things. Behind those crazy eyes is a soft, loving creature that just wants Crescent City Basketball to succeed. It doesn’t want to hurt anyone. It doesn’t want to make you cry. It wants your love. When I looked into Pierre’s eyes that closely for the first time I felt the love. We only bumped our fists together but in my eyes it was our hearts that gently bumped and wrapped around one another like a hug, signaling the start of a beautiful relationship between myself and that crazy looking bird. Thank you, Pierre. Thank you for all that you do.

Note: you can also experience this anywhere else in the Arena since Pierre often visits other sections.

#1. Dinner is covered. Before the game and through the third quarter, floor seat peeps score free food in the two different areas of the Capital One Club. One of them is super fancy and the other one just very fancy. This food is better than the food served at the last wedding you went to. This food is think-about-it-on-your-way-to-the-game food. This food, in pictures:


This is high quality grub here, folks. If you need a refresher on what all is going down well, here you go.


Beef tenderloin on the right, shrimp and grits on the left. Win.

If you’re ever looking to treat yourself (you deserve it), head to the floor. The team takes care of you and makes the money upgrade well worth it. Get there as early as you can to fill up on fine foods and take in the pre-game shootaround. Arrive with phone fully charged. Enjoy yourself. Happy new year, Pelicans fans. It’s gonna be a good one.

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