Bourbon Street Shots Watch Party 11/6/13

The season has started! We’re excited! You’re excited! Let’s combine that excitement at one location and cheer on the New Orleans Pelicans together!

We’ve partnered with our good friends at Tracey’s in the Irish Channel and on Wednesday, November 6th we’ll be there to watch the Pelicans play on the road against the Memphis Grizzlies.

If you came to the Lottery party or our Draft party you know it’ll be a lot of fun. To entice you further there will be food and drink specials as well.


What: The First Official Bourbon Street Shots Watch Party of the NBA Season.

Where: Tracey’s Bar & Restaurant. Located at Located on the corner of Magazine and Third St.

When: Wednesday, November 6th. The game starts at 7:00 pm central but most writers will be there earlier to talk some hoops.

Specials: We’ll have specifics later for you but there will be deals on food and drinks.

Who: People of all ages. Despite the drink specials there is no age requirement at Tracey’s so bring the family!

Why: Because we’ve missed you all so much and just want to catch up and hear about the important things in your life…and the Pelicans…and Tracey’s is cool.

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