Reports Indicate Vasquez Will Have Surgery on Both Ankles

Multiple reports from Venezuela indicate that New Orleans Pelicans point guard Greivis Vasquez will undergo a cleanup procedure on both ankles in the coming days. Loose material in his ankles bothered the guard as the season neared its close.

One report says the recovery period is 12 to 16 weeks.

Greivis Vásquez se operará mañana de sus dos tobillos, con el fin de removerle partículas sueltas en ambas zonas; el período de recuperación está considerado entre 12 a 16 semanas, por lo que el armador y capitán de Venezuela pudiera ausentarse para el Premundial que se efectuará en Caracas del 30 de agosto al 11 de septiembre próximo.

This is news in Venezuela because this may affect his participation on the national team in FIBA play from August 30 through September 11.

Vasquez had ankle injuries late this season and has had surgery to remove bone spurs from his right ankle just after he was drafted. His recovery time then is in line with that expected for this surgery.

Vasquez is expected to have the surgery in the US, then travel to Venezuela at some point in his recovery.

If the timeline holds, he’ll be ready for NBA training camp.

The New Orleans Pelicans have yet to confirm this report, but we’ll keep you posted.

16 responses to “Reports Indicate Vasquez Will Have Surgery on Both Ankles”

  1. Watching him this season, he got his ankles broken many times.
    Get well soon, General!

  2. Wow Vasquez and Gordon both will have had surgery.  Hope they both get better.  I know the Hornets had bad fortune with injuries and was hoping that would change with the Pelicans…

  3. I’m no athlete, but if the team and the players are aware that they need surgery, why don’t they do it immediately following the end of the season?  Why allow players weeks (in some cases longer) to have procedures done?  It only puts stress and tension on the players to recover and the teams to include them in possible trades/deals, right?  Somebody help me get clarity.

    • LaNative I don’t think that waiting a month is cause for alarm – perhaps the doctors and GV himself wanted to see if the pain/inflammation would heal on its own with rest?  The real issue is when guys like Shaq waited until August or later to get their surgery, knowing full well that they’d miss a large hunk of the season.
       To be honest, I think Eric Gordon deserves a lot more credit for getting his procedure done ASAP.  The way many of us feel about him, we wouldn’t have been shocked if HE was the type to have pulled the “cleanup procedure in September – couldn’t have been avoided” move.

      • MikeStanley1 LaNative , thanks!  It appears that GV’ should be ready for the start of training camp   I do agree with you and appreciate EG handling his surgery immediately following the season.  I think he is attempting to take better care of himself and possibly become a better teammate, although he will never be reconciled to many of the Pelicans fan base.  I am hopeful that if he isn’t traded that he and the fan base can move forward and let’s just celebrate our team.  Thanks again for responding.  Have a great day.

  4. Well that’s unfortunate, if he’s not in the Pelican’s future I hope his stock won’t be hit too hard. I wish him the best of luck with the operation and a speedy recovery. I enjoyed watching him play this year (or rather play offense) and hope this is not too major of a procedure for his future.

  5. Relax guys, doubt it will affect his stock at all.
    Clean up procedures are relatively non invasive and usually only arthroscopic so there should be no repercussions at all. Particularly for someone who in no way relied on athleticism of explosiveness.
    He will have waited in the hope that the inflaimation would go down without surgery being required so nothing he could have really done there either.

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