In the NO Podcast Episode 15: Referees, Can’t Live With ‘Em

Michael and Ryan record this podcast while watching the Hornets-Sun 4th quarter live.  Load up your DVR and watch along.  Or, if you don’t have it on tape, feel free to skip to the next episode, which will be like our usual ones.  Unless you want to hear us talk about things like fat cheerleaders and Michael Bay.

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  1. Good podcast guys. Mac from the 34 minute on was comic gold. As for the first segment, a tear drop is when a player jumps straight up and shoots. A floater is when a player jumps or “floats” towards the basket and then shoots. Both shots are typically shot with one hand, and Russie Westbrook and Derrick Rose have added this to their offensive repertoire, a long with a slew of other things that have boosts their PER. They became friends after winning gold for Team USA in the Summer of 2K10, and have been practicing together in California during the off season. Perhaps if Thorton worked more on his inside game, we wouldn’t be saying stuff like “How does Thorton miss that?” Or we could just blame the refs.

    • It sounds like going past 30 minutes on the podcast is now acceptable.


      Please give us all more spot on analysis of the closing seconds of the Suns game. We all need to be treated to wisdom and intelligence. Be sure to toss in little facts about folks around the league and your supercool nicknames for players. Thanks in advance.

  2. I’d *love* to watch the PVR are listen to the podcast, but they’re in different rooms! 🙁

    (I’m probably not the only person like that…)

  3. Nice.

    You guys should open up the email pipe during the session, or have a post yo take questions (answered ‘live’, heard later.

  4. Bay is a goofball.

    The Matrix was described to me as “the next Star Wars,” which it was not. Effects etc. do nothing for me. It was a good movie, but was an action version of Plato’s cave allegory with other assorted bits from The Republic and a few sprinkles of other philosophy/mythology.

    The sequels were much headier, with the exception of the limbo anagram . . . It sticks out to me to this day.

  5. Nice, safe trades for quality players who are not being utilized at the moment!

    Marco Belinelli & David Andersen


    Anthony Randolph, Roger Mason Jr., & Bill Walker

    D’antoni loves the European players … Belinelli and Andersen would fit the style of play in New York.

    Roger Mason Jr. is a better clutch shooter than Belinelli and has worked in same San Antonio system as Monty Williams.

    Dell Demps wants a Big Man like Anthony Randolph. Bill Walker is a throw-in.

    This is a realistic trade being that Nazr Mohammed, Samuel Dalembert, Jason Thompson, Gerald Wallace, and Stephen Jackson may be off limits.


    • … However,

      If Nazr Mohammed is available the Hornets could package …

      Jason Smith & Marcus Banks


      Nazr Mohammed & Sherron Collins

      …and then, as mentioned above …

      Marco Belinelli & David Andersen


      Anthony Randolph, Roger Mason Jr., & Bill Walker

      forming a team of:

      F-West, F-Ariza, C-Okafor, G- Mason Jr., G-Paul

      F-Randolph, F-Pondexter, C-Mohammed, G-Thornton / Green, G-Jack


  6. … Just to put the above trades into more perspective other than rotation.

    Look at our depth heading into the playoffs:

    PF -West, Randolph
    SF-Ariza, Pondexter, Walker
    C-Okafor, Mohammed, Mbenga, Gray
    G-Mason Jr., Thornton, Green
    G-Paul, Jack, Collins


    • I like Randolph overall but I don’t think he is a Monty type player and neither is Walker. It is going to be frustrating until the Hornets win consistently, but do not expect this regime to go after high risk, high reward types. Think Jarrett Jack over Bayless time and time again. Just their philosophy.

      • I agree with the ‘like’ part, because the trade off is;

        David Andersen for Anthony Randolph


        Marco Belinelli for Roger Mason Jr.

        Bill Walker won’t be used for much playing time, but he’ll be a possible throw-in for another trade down the line.

        The same applies to;

        Jason Smith for Nazr Mohammed …

        … with both Marcus Banks and Sherron Collins as
        throw-ins. Even trade!

        Getting back to Anthony Randolph … the only thing I disagree with you about is Monty feeling as though he is a high risk type player. Maybe somewhat, but not more than David Andersen and his 1-remaining is.

        These are the deals to make … they make the most sense if we are talking about realistic transactions.


    • Counting out Marcus Banks, Sherron Collins, & Bill Walker, the Hornets deal away:

      Jason Smith, Marco Belinelli, & David Andersen


      Nazr Mohammed, Roger Mason Jr., & Anthony Randolph


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