Media Beating a Dead Horse

When will this media massacre end? ESPN has tarnished their once very strong reputation, and continue to do so. CBS and many major news networks continue to beat the dead horse that is the Chris Paul situation. What else can the media possibly want that will stop them from being so confident that Paul will be gone? When was the last time that someone that isn’t local actually got good information about what Paul wants? Why does a guy have to specifically say something to make everyone shut up? It’s possibly the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. The entire country wants Chris Paul out of New Orleans. The media is feeding them an image that New Orleans is no place for basketball and just a crappy city that can’t support a championship. If you’re beginning to realize that this is a rant, then I can affirm to you that it kind of is.

Sports networks are now quoting what “sources close to the situation” said Paul said as being what he actually said. That sentence was confusing, so lemme break it down to ya. When the rumors first started, Ken Berger from CBSSports reported something that was said from a “source close to Paul”. Numerous reports have also been released saying the same thing in 50 different ways that Paul wants out. None of this was ever confirmed, and no sources were ever named, ever. So anyone could have been pulling these things from their water tank filled with manatees that pick up ball-pit balls with random ideas written on them (that’s from a South Park episode, just go with it). These reporters/journalists have never actually spoken to Paul and never heard a word from his mouth about anything. Even they were being cautious about the he-said-he-said thing. Then Paul meets with the Hornets, all the rumors are squashed, and we think we can move on. No, we can’t. Now the reporters and journalists with their “sources” go into panic mode, everything they had been told was incorrect! So what do they do? Continue to dig a bigger hole for their reputation by completely disregarding the obvious and continuing belief that Paul still wants to get out badly. The way they write now indicates that they know Paul said everything that their “sources” told them. Talk about desperation. The media won’t let it die. They dissect everything Paul says and tries to find some hidden meaning beneath it suggesting that Paul is dying to get out and that this facade he has put up to the media is only for show.

If only the world was a place where egos and arrogance wasn’t the controlling factor in journalism. Society has turned a once simple world of sports into a media-controlled disaster. Eventually, sports fans will get sick of the drama that news networks create to attract viewers. The sports world is no longer controlled by commissioners, but rather by the networks that broadcast the games. As the egos of superstars become bigger, the egos of networks will too. If this kind of BS doesn’t die down soon, then I give up hope for ESPN and the NBA. Everything is just so ass-backwards right now.

I feel like I typed this just to get it out of my mind.  But that’s the idea of blogging isn’t it?

I would love to hear your opinions.

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