• Ryan Anderson

    Looking for Silver Linings: Ryan Anderson

    It gets annoying year after year to try and look for silver linings when you expected the Pelicans to be going for goddamn gold all season long. But here we are,...

  • Youre-Invited

    Watch Party Wednesday 11/18 @ Tracey’s

    You’ve heard my spiel before about that this just isn’t an excuse to have multiple parties. That it’s about community. And it still remains true. So all of us at Bourbon...

  • Injury 1

    Injuries Keep Piling Up As Tyreke Evans Has Surgery

    The New Orleans Pelicans just can’t catch a break. Or maybe all that occurs are breaks. Or more injuries. How many times has this been said this season? And it hasn’t...

  • hqdefault[1]

    Some Pelicans Lose to the Rockets

    Some guys wore Pelicans’ jerseys tonight and played a preseason game against the Houston Rockets. You may have recognized a few, but with Anthony Davis, Tyreke Evans, Omer Asik, Alexis Ajinca,...

  • micky Loomis Alvin Gentry Dell Demps

    BSS Pelicans Off-Season Recap: Google Hangout Video Chat

    Jake joined me via Google Hangout to talk about the New Orleans Pelicans’ off-season, other fun NBA-related topics, and even Jake’s upcoming celebrity bartending gig at Tracey’s this Wednesday. Enjoy!

  • Alexis Ajinca

    Pelicans Scoop: Davis, Ajinca, Asik, and Free Agency

    With big Pelicans news coming out in the first 24 hours of free agency, BSS writers give their opinions on five pressing questions.  1. What was your reaction when you saw...

  • Draft Board2

    Why the Pelicans Should Not Draft a Rookie

    While the draft is always exciting, and it is fun to think about the potential that all the future rookies can bring to the Pelicans, Dell Demps should absolutely avoid trading...

  • Bracket

    Pelicans Head Coach Tournament First Round Results

    The results of the first round are in and it is time to get ready for round two. There were some lopsided matchups and a few that went down to the...

  • Kenny

    New Orleans Pelicans Head Coach Tournament: Tyronn Lue vs. Kenny Atkinson

    The Case for Tyronn Lue By: Jake Madison A smart mind for the game. Hard work. Tutored by Hall of Fame coaches. And nearly the guy the Cavaliers hired to coach...

  • Alexis Ajinca

    New Orleans Pelicans Season In Review: Alexis Ajinca

    Alexis Ajinca is not a core player to the Pelicans. But he is a rotation guy, a bench big, and during the 2014-2015 season the New Orleans Pelicans relied on their...

  • IMG_0491

    Easy Adjustments the Pelicans Can Make To Win Game 3

    With their first round series shifting homeward the New Orleans Pelicans find themselves in a must-win situation. Yes, no one expected them to win this matchup but getting swept would put...

  • Enteringplayoffs

    Pledging Pelicans Allegiance

    I love New Orleans. Truly. Deeply. I’ve lived down here since 2004 when I was an 18-year-old freshman at Tulane. I’m 29 now. Those 10-plus years are more formative in shaping...

  • Youre-Invited

    Playoff Watch Parties @ Tracey’s!

    Come on, you had to knew we were going to do this. That’s right, Bourbon Street Shots is proud to bring you watch parties for games 1 and 2! And hopefully...

  • IMG_0509

    On the Fly, Episode 16: Spurs!

    Jake and I are privileged to welcome Jesse Blanchard of BBallBreakdown to talk about the Spurs, who are currently annihilating everyone in their path.  This is a BIG game. Follow Jesse! Follow...

  • Game Recap Win 3

    The Win’s the Thing and One More to Go

    In the end you knew it was going to shake out like this. There wasn’t going to be any other way. The Pelicans took care of business tonight against the Timberwolves–after...

  • 10698539_10203629177469127_4837483967678022268_n

    Ryan Anderson: Hurtful or Helpful?

    Ryan Anderson is a double edged sword for the New Orleans Pelicans. One of the most beloved players by both the fans and players alike, he has a very discernible and...

  • IMG_0512

    On the Fly, Episode 15: TBob!

    Jake and I are privileged to welcome TBob Hebert, who most of you probably know from his awesome radio work or his amazing Pelican photoshops. We talk the Pelican playoff push...

  • Youre-Invited

    Watch Party Wednesday, April 8th @ Tracey’s!

    I’m just going to come right out and say it: Last time we had a watch party I called a big Pelicans victory. What happened? The Pelicans whipped up on the...

  • IMG_0517

    On the Fly, Episode 14: Scott Kushner

    Jake and I are privileged to welcome Scott Kushner of The Advocate to talk about a smorgasbord of Pelican topics and also the changing world of journalism.  Give it a listen...

  • IMG_0510

    On the Fly, Episode 13: Bucks

    Jake and I are privileged to welcome K L Chouinard, who writes for Hawks.com and is formerly of Bucksketball.  If you aren’t already, make sure you’re following K L! Follow @AnaheimAmigos

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