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  • Byron, its time to re-assess

    We all knew that with all the new parts to the team, some coming late in the off-season, that it was going to take some time for this team to gel. But I don’t think anyone predicted the spanking we got from the 0-3 Knicks. post game quotes from Chris Paul: “When we talk right […]


    Dont forget that TODAY, the Honeybees face off against the hated, unattractive and untalented Laker Girls in the NBA Dance Team Bracket!!! In case you have trouble remembering: Laker Girls have no talent and are men in drag Honeybees make Abita Beer, beignets, and are the secret leaders of Mardi Gras.   VEAUXT BEES! […]

  • Happy Birthday Niall!

    Hope the hangover has passed and youre ready to do it again for your birthday!

  • Dispelling The Phantom

    I went to the broadcast of Hornets Sportsline last night, as I do every Thursday night. Last night, Gerry V’s guest was James Posey. As you may remember from a previous post, James is the only member of the current roster I have been unable to shoot when the opportunity presented itself. He has been a […]

  • Hornets at Hooters

    Gerry V’s call in show will be conducted live tonight at Hooters on the West Bank. According to reliable sources (my previous sources werent very reliable), there will be a Hornet player being interviewed. What: Radio show with Gerry V Where: Hooters at Belle Chasse and Lapalco (Grenta) When: 7 PM Thursday January 29 Why: […]

  • Watching the game

    I dont have season tickets. Cant afford them. I also have DirectTV which means that I cant watch a Hornets game at home even if its on League Pass, TNT or NBA TV until DirectTV and CST complete their fight to the death. So, here’s my conundrum.  I need a place to watch Hornets Games. […]

  • The Season Opener with peektures

    Wow, the last 5 months have been a deadzone and I didnt even realize. The Buzzfest was more decorated than normal with a quasi fence around the ‘pit’ in front of the stage to give it a garden look. The had a mockup of the Cathedral behind the band. There were chairs and tables that […]

  • James Posey is a Phantom part III

    As I pointed out last night at the Worlds Most Awesome Game Watch Party Ever (c)(r)(TM), Posey wasnt in focus when he was being displayed in High Def! Now, please excuse me while I close my office door and fall alseep at my desk.

  • James Posey is a phantom II

    Nope, not a single frame. I have a theory. Maybe he can only be in focus when his teammates are in the frame. Maybe, he doesnt really exist unless his teammates are that close to him. Beats me, but here’s George Shinn and the Honeybees.

  • James Posey is a phantom

    I went to the Swarm last night, cameras in bag to get up close and personal shots of the Hornets and I got much more than I expected. Saw Ticktock6 and Niall Doherty of course, the Queen and King of Hornets blogging, as well as many other commenters (good seeing you!). I got shots of […]

  • Im so confused….

    I thought Ron and I were friends. I….I….I dont know how to deal with his death.