Author: Ryan Hebert

  • The Super-Max has failed – the importance of small market teams recognizing why

    The failure of the super-max          New Orleans lost Anthony Davis, San Antonio lost Kawhi Leonard. These players left remarkably different situations for the same reason, they weren’t happy – one decided to leave a heralded franchise where he had won a championship, and finals MVP, the other decided to leave one […]

  • Why the gamble to wait on trading Anthony Davis paid off

    The bet the Pelicans made in February           The decision the Pelicans made in February, the one where they decided to postpone dealing a discontented Anthony Davis until the summer paid off. Yes, the Pelicans ended up trading Davis to the Los Angeles Lakers anyway. Yes, Danny Ainge’s advice to hold off on dealing Davis because […]

  • Anthony Davis’s trade request was the best thing that could have happened.

    A rejection forced change, plus some dumb luck.       In late January, Anthony Davis sent a shockwave around the NBA and the Pelicans franchise when he publicly – not- so publicly rejected the Pelicans and requested a trade, with the intention of joining Lebron James on the Los Angeles Lakers. Of course, no […]

  • Paying your own, starting with Randle.

    There are two ways a team can decide to operate going into the summer: as a cap space team, or as an over-the-cap team with only exceptions at their disposal. How cap space teams allocate their cap room varies depending upon the goals of an organization, and for all intents and purposes the Pelicans will […]

  • Jahlil Okafor Carving His Niche

    It is hard to earn minutes in the NBA, it’s even harder when you have a reputation as a bad defender (especially with referees buying into your “reputation” when deciding to call or not to call fouls”), especially if you are a role player. Some stars can get away with it because they excel so […]

  • The Corner Test

    The corner three is one of the most efficient shots in basketball, why? It is the closest distance three point shot in regards to proximity from the basket, especially the short corner. The corner three allows more floor space on the fast break for the ball handler. When a fast break has capable shooters running […]

  • Waiting on Wings

    By Ryan Hebert (@RyanHebert89) The NBA offseason has slowed down and aside from a few minor transactions, and it is hard to see the Pelicans making a major trade or acquisition at this point. That is, until the February trade deadline. If you asked most fans what the Pelicans need right now to solidify themselves […]

  • Elfrid Payton: Homecoming

    By Ryan Hebert (@RyanHebert89) College and more: March 21st, 2014 Elfrid Payton, and Doug McDermott are squaring off in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. Payton’s 14th seeded Ragin Cajuns versus McDermott’s 3rd seeded Blue Jays’. Payton is 6’4 point guard guarding the 6’8 forward McDermott nearly the entire game, unusual, but Payton won […]