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    Trew 2 the Game #8: Crazy Eights

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    Trew 2 the Game #7: Lucky Numbers

    If you like the column, here’s some ways you can be a darling and help us out: - click one of the sharing buttons to the left. Facebook likes, Google Plus...

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    Trew 2 the Game #6: Summertime at Pelican High

    It’s like a school teacher is looking forward to relaxing in the Summertime because class is no longer in session. They plan a family vacation, stack up a couple novels and...

  • TrewToTheGame

    Trew to the Game #5: The State of New Jerseys

    In 2005 the state of New Jersey wanted a new state slogan. The five finalists were revealed, the people voted and all was happy. The eventual winner was “Come See For...

  • TrewToTheGame

    Trew 2 The Game #4: Let’s Go the Polls

    Welcome to the fourth weekly installment of the lighter side of Pelicans reporting, Trew 2 the Game. Not a lot of action this week as Greg Oden remains unsigned, Dell Demps...

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    Trew 2 the Game #3: The Greg Omen

    What if Greg Oden ended up better than Kevin Durant? What if Greg Oden becomes the most inspiring comeback story in the history of New Orleans sports, making that epic Saints...

  • TrewToTheGame

    Trew 2 the Game #2: Hair Apparent

    We expected this Summer to be the most exciting Summer in the history of the franchise but did we expect this much action? While my cohorts are swimming in free agency, I’ll...

  • TrewToTheGame

    Trew 2 the Game #1: Do You Know What it Means to Miss Nerlens

    Look, it’s a new feature on your favorite New Orleans Pelicans website! It’s the name of a podcast and web show as well, yeah, but let’s focus on one thing at a...

  • Austin Rivers

    Let’s Replay Austin Rivers on First Take

    Our boy Austin Rivers was on ESPN’s Argument Special First Take earlier this week and hot damn am I proud he’s a Pelican. Others would have defended the rebrand as well,...

  • Draft Lottery Party

    The Path to #6: My Draft Lottery Day Diary

    In celebration of this being the last time a Pelicans fan care this deeply about the Draft Lottery, how about we document our entire day leading up to the big event?...

  • 1428053_300[1]

    The 1st Annual Doherty Awards

    Every respectable organization doles out awards and well, why shouldn’t we? This year our offices got all kinds of upgrades – Jason Calmes got a bowling alley installed near the break...

  • LOVE basketball bracelet

    Love Letters to the Cellar Dwellers

    With only a few games left in the season, Team Tank is watching the standings closely. It’s fun to watch the Hornets play organized, energetic basketball against good teams like Denver,...

  • Pelicans_Partial

    Your Guide to Fighting the Pelican Hate

    Our resident rebrand therapist, local comedian Chris Trew, coaches on how to fight the Pelican hate and takes us through his journey on Twitter the day of the announcement in the...

  • Pelicans Contest Winner

    Winners and Weirdos from a Pelicans Design Contest

    99designs recently ran a very cool contest – design an NBA-style logo for the soon-to-be Pelicans. The “fastest growing design firm in the world” has some street cred as they’ve been...

  • Eric Gordon

    Following Eric Gordon’s Twitter Account

    Most of us are following Eric Gordon’s confusing, hilarious and occasionally  frustrating twitter account, which recently had a 124 character tweet that’s gotten the Hornets247 offices scrambling. Some of us are...

  • nolahornetsimin

    Making a Case for the Return of “I’m In”

    The future of basketball in our city is bright in nearly all aspects except one – marketing that gets into the blood of New Orleanians. This is troublesome considering the team...

  • New Orleans Pelicans: The Full Rebrand

    If the team follows through with the Pelicans, it’s time to start speculating about the other parts of rebranding. What will come of the Honeybees?!

  • More Media Day Video: Hakim Warrick and Powdered Sugar

    This week’s episode of Trew to the Game features brief culinary chats with Jason Smith, Solomon Alibi, Hakim Warrick, Xavier Henry and Robin Lopez.

  • More Media Day Coverage – Anthony Davis sings!

    Anthony Davis, Robin Lopez, Austin Rivers and Roger Mason let loose in a Hornets247 Media Day video about what music plays when they score. 

  • Curing Offseason Boredom: Fun with Photographs!

    Resident comedian Chris Trew attempts to cure basketball boredom with a collection of Hornets-related photos.

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