Sixth Pick Tournament Final Four

Published: June 9, 2016

And then there were four.

In the first round, the option of trading did poorly against their tangible counterparts.  Jaylen Brown of Cal took on Trade Down – and garnered 60% of the vote.  I guess even the chance of dumping Asik isn’t enough to take a lesser prospect.

On the other side of the bracket, Denzel Valentine felt the love as he absolutely destroyed Trading for a Vet, snagging 74% of possible votes.  If the consensus is Valentine is a late lottery guy and he still shredded trading for a vet . . . look out if Demps deals this pick on draft night.

The same sort of thing happened when Buddy Hield squared off against Dragan Bender, with the gunner shredding the overseas big man and taking 68% of the vote.  Let’s see if he can do the same to Denzel.

The closest matchup, of course, was the bloodbath between Kris Dunn and Jamal Murray.  This matchup not only garnered more votes – but it had a much thinner margin – with Kris Dunn beating Jamal Murray 56% to 44%.

Your new matchups are Jaylen Brown v Dunn and Hield v Valentine.

The battles will commence shortly.


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