In the NO Podcast Ep. 238: Two and Two and a goodbye

Michael and I recap a week in which the Pelicans have some crazy highs and lows – and actually get to play their preferred five for a few minutes. Yay. Then – we predict the rest of the year as Michael says goodbye to the pod after 238 episodes. Yeah. Don’t have much else to say.

Enjoy the podcast.

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5 responses to “In the NO Podcast Ep. 238: Two and Two and a goodbye”

  1. Pretty bleak, guys. What would Maslow say? No ‘ships next 25 years? With the best young big in the game? 
    I still have hope, not gonna quit. What about u, Mac? I have enjoyed your takes before this whiny hopeless 
    shit. Would like to hear smart thoughts about how to improve. not ” I give up, this will never work”.

  2. McNamara, thanks for making my commute to work on the 6 train a little more interesting.  I will never forget the time that woman sitting next to me got up and walked to another car after i started laughing hysterically to your ‘which player would you save in a burning nightclub’ analogy.

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