In the NO Podcast EP 217: The Wrap

Michael and I talk Game 3 and Game 4. Well, mostly Game 3 and who was to blame. Was it Monty? Then we talk about who should come back, who the Pelicans could and should target. We talk Eric Gordon and his option, Davis and his extension, and Monty Williams and whether he should return. We also wonder what would happen if the NBA got into cloning dudes. Sorta.

Thank you for listening, everyone. Hope you have an excellent off-season.

Enjoy the Podcast!

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2 responses to “In the NO Podcast EP 217: The Wrap”

  1. Tyson Chandler would work here in NOLA again..
    So would Kenneth Faried, even if we have to trade RA and two more picks to do so..
    Middleton from Milwaukee would be excellent as well..
    That would be my off-season moves..

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