Game On: 76ers @ Pelicans

Danger!  Danger! The Pelicans won a high-energy game last night against Dallas that went down to the wire, and today get to face a bottom-dwelling 76ers team at home.  The team needs to keep their focus up, since the 76ers got their largest win of the season (by margin of victory) against the Pelicans just 10 days ago.

It’s the curse of a young team.  Focus can waver. (Fun note: weighted by minutes played, the Pelicans are the 2nd youngest team in the league.  Teams like Orlando and Boston may have more young guys, but they’ve play their vets a lot more.)

Keys to the Game

  • Win the turnover battle.  The 76ers force more turnovers than any other team AND they give up more turnovers than any other team.  Last game against them, the Pelicans gave up 10 more turnovers than they forced.
  • Thrash Philly on the boards and make something out of it.  The Pelicans are top 10 in rebounding, and the 76ers are bottom 10.  The Pels won handily on the glass last game – and still got beaten in second chance points.
  • Stick a guy on Robert Covington and then flat pack the paint.  There is no one else on this team that can shoot.  Make them.

Enjoy the game!

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