In the NO Podcast Episode 182: Draft V Trade!

Published: June 22, 2014

Michael and I spend some time talking about this draft – the players we like at different ranges, including Kyle Anderson, Mitch McGary, Gary Harris, KJ Daniels, Doug McDermott, and more!

We also talk about how the team could acquire those picks – whether they should, and what other costs come into play. We also predict if the Pelicans will do anything special on Draft Night!

Give it a listen!

Enjoy the Podcast!

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Shooting Guards - great reserve would be Markel Brown, great stroke, great athlete.  


Marcus Smart is more valuable that you think.   Pair him with a scoring PG or a SG, its a great match b/c he would cover the best scorer on the D side.   He does so much.  puts stats in 5 different categories every night.

JH and M Smart would be a solid backcourt.

curry smart would be solid, westbrook smart would be solid. Lillard smart would be solid. ellis smart would be solid.


Best case is still we trade into the first round somewhere around 15-22 for a player another team wants and package it with Gordon for a C or SF.

Worst case I don't see at the very least, how someone with Dell's track record doesn't get a second rounder if nothing else just for value purposes.  I can't believe in the eyes of management Monty has a higher power ranking than Dell, I know its true but know ones ever said...."In Monty we trust"


Great podcast as always!  Looking forward to next weeks when you discuss what happened in the draft.

I predict Dell does something similar to what happened last year. (with trade during the draft)