Five Reasons To Keep Watching The New Orleans Hornets This Season

Published: March 5, 2013

With the season winding down and the Hornets well and truly out of the playoff race, I think it’s time to reflect on why we should keep watching.

A team like this needs fans like us. I’m quite sure we all want to say we we’re there in the beginning right? Well, let’s do that by cherishing the moments like the time OKC blew us out or when we gave up a 17 point lead to the Magic.

Yup, these aren’t going to be the best moments of our franchise, but it’s what will make the ones in the future all the more sweet.

1. We Can Beat the Lakers Twice

Oh there’s nothing quite like beating the Lakers. Whether it’s in the playoffs or regular season, beating the darlings of L.A. is quite gratuitous.

The Lakers are fighting to get into the playoffs. Currently they’re 2 games out of the 8th spot and have only just recently pulled their way back to .500 which is quite astonishing.

New Orleans has two cracks at denting these aspirations. This is a pretty big incentive to keep watching games because nothing is better than watching a team that is in a big-market, with the arrogant smear from the front-office to the lowest fan lose its chance of the playoffs.

Also this would be yet another reason to make fun of Jake.

2.  Austin Rivers Taking Baby Steps

It’s pretty frustrating at times watching Austin Rivers but recently he has been looking better. He’s making more of his shots, is turning over the ball very rarely and is finding his team-mates. What is most impressive is his defense which is probably the best of any Hornets guard on the roster.

He does still have issues with the same things (and here’s a list):

  • The Pick-and-roll
  • Hitting his jumpshot
  • Hitting his free-throws
  • Attacking With His Left Hand

It should be fun to see him develop. His usage rate is down, but that’s probably because he’s playing more controlled and not over-forcing anything. I think we’d all love to see a 20 point game from him before the season is over. Odds anyone?

N.B. I did some research and Rivers posted a 7.4 PER over the month of February and March (so far). This is above his current 5.7 PER. Over his past 5 games he’s shooting 54% from the field and 43% from three [very small sample size but arguably best stretch as a pro].

3. Anthony Davis is Currently Playing Like the Best Rookie in the League

It truly is a pleasure to watch Anthony Davis grow as a player because each game it seems he grasps a new aspect of the NBA which some 10-year pro’s aren’t even capable of doing. For example, last night against the Magic, Davis was doing an excellent job of rolling to the basket and not holding his screen for too long.

If he had a point-guard who could get him the ball more easily he could of easily had 25-30 points last night.

Davis really is playing like the best rookie in the league right now. I know Damian Lillard has done an amazing job throughout the entire season, but recently Anthony is doing a lot of good things. Sure, Lillard will win the award and he deserves to. He’s been the best over the entire season.

Over his last 15 games Davis has posted a 20.3 PER. He leads all rookies in rebounding, blocked shots, steals and double-doubles. For people out there saying this guy isn’t good they really need to pull their head back into reality.

He’s a big reason why everyone should be watching each and every game.

4. The Tank

Well it seems like only recently have Hornet fans have decided to roll out the tank. Fighting for the number one overall pick really isn’t the goal here however. What New Orleans needs to do is secure themselves a top-5 pick which could be possible with the way that Cleveland and Washington are playing.

Hopefully this is the last time we’ll ever have to do this and there isn’t many games left. Winning is fun, but if we can lose close, develop our young guys and stay healthy; then isn’t that a long-term win?

5. Last time the Hornets play

The Hornets as we know them are going to cease in existence come season’s end. Now most New Orleaneans will not be missing them, but I and many others sure will.

The colours, the logo, the Chris Paul days, the Alonzo Mourning days and who can forget Michael McNamara’s favourite Dan Dickau?

The Hornets have brought us closer to the game of basketball. Whether you’re from Uptown, Riverside, Treme or from abroad we all love the Hornets. They were fun, quirky and most of all they were ours.

Enjoy these last few moments New Orleans, because while a new era is around the corner, a pretty eventful one is celebrating its conclusion.

Tell us your reason to keep watching the Hornets in the comment section below. Also you can reach James on his twitter feed @jsgrayson to discuss all things Hornets. 


  1. kwilly

    March 5, 2013 at 9:16 am

    This is supposed to be the worse draft in a while so I am not sure tanking makes any sense. Hornets are losing because they don’t have enough offensively talented players.

    • Jason Calmes

      March 5, 2013 at 9:19 am

      What are all those good players doing in the draft then?

    • Michael McNamara

      March 5, 2013 at 9:29 am

      Getting a little annoyed by this sentiment of this being a bad draft. It seems like 1 or 2 people said it a few months ago and it spread like crazy; now just being repeated by people who haven’t actually researched it.

      To be clear, almost everybody agrees that this draft is weak in the sense that it doesnt have a franchise changer. But as far as quality starters, quasi All-Stars and semi regular All-Stars, this draft is one of the better one’s in the last five years.

      There won’t be any Anthony Davis’s, but there will be far more Bradley Beal’s and Damian Lillard’s than there were last year

      • lsutigers33

        March 6, 2013 at 8:19 am

        I agree, and if you put the drafts together, say to yourself, who would you pick.
        Ad or Noel – this one’s a little easier

        beal or mclemore?
        porter or Harrison barnes?
        Smart or lillard
        shabazz or Ross
        Bennet or MKG
        zeller or Robinson
        Len or Drummond
        olidipo or waiters

  2. mateor

    March 5, 2013 at 11:45 am

    These last two years have been my favorite seasons as a hornet fan, with the exception of 08. I loved that year, but the years surrounding it were hard, I will never forget the front page of the Pic when Peja signed for 15 mil over his market value.

    But this building has been mostly a joy. There are decisions I don’t agree with, of course, but they haven’t made me angry like before. I didn’t like the Rivers pick, but the tenth pick often results in a simple rotation player, and maybe Austin can get there yet.

    Better than Hilton Armstrong, right guys?

    • James Grayson

      March 5, 2013 at 11:21 pm

      Exactly. I don’t see any player picked after Rivers that makes me say, “OH I REGRET DRAFTING RIVERS!”

      I think Dell went with the guy they saw the biggest upside with. If he doesn’t pan out then so be it. I don’t think they be saying, “I wish we drated Meyers Leonard.”

  3. Will

    March 5, 2013 at 6:09 pm

    My sixth reason is that after the Hornets season ends, I have to wait for August and football season come to have a sport that I really enjoy in season. I have to savor the last few moments.

    • James Grayson

      March 5, 2013 at 11:18 pm

      I’m telling you baseball is one of the worst sports on the planet. God it’s boring. You’re right once the NBA Playoffs are over with it’s a dark and desolate time.

      I recommend watching some of the International Rugby on offer. That’s if the US has coverage of the Australia vs. British Lions tour as well as Super Rugby.

      • Will

        March 6, 2013 at 10:12 am

        From what I’ve seen, rugby is a pretty cool sport. If I get a chance to watch some in the summer I’ll check it out.

  4. jsl05

    March 6, 2013 at 10:59 pm

    I guess we can take away reasons 1 and 2 now.

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