Nuggets overmatch Hornets

Published: November 25, 2012

The Nuggets took it to the Hornets to end the second and open the third and the game was over.

The Nuggets are perhaps the deepest collection of talent in the league, and the Hornets opened the game tonight with one player who would start for most teams in the league.  The result was predictable – once that one guy, Ryan Anderson, wore down trying to carry the scoring load, the Hornets fell behind.

Ryan did try to carry it for a while, unleashing an array of spin moves, post ups and other ways to attack the Nuggets besides his amazing step backs and threes, but he is simply not a primary option.  He’s a magnificent complimentary scorer and talent who will carry you some nights, but this is not his role.

The Hornets guard play was more atrocious than usual tonight.  Vasquez opened the game strongly, but once the Nuggets put Andre Igoudala on him, he couldn’t get past the three point line or prevent turnover after turnover.  Roger Mason showed his talent for standing in the corner, Austin Rivers showed his defensive liabilities and inability to finish shots he creates at the rim, Brian Roberts hit some shots in garbage time, and Xavier Henry’s defense was as toothless as the airball three pointer he missed.  Oh wait, it wasn’t a three pointer because under no pressure, with no one near him, he still managed to step on the line before shooting.

I’m thinking that Dell Demps may be deeper than I thought.  He’s rebuilding a team, and this backcourt is going to get him a lot of pingpong balls, no matter what his front court looks like . . . when healthy

Good stuff

  • Anderson’s a versatile scorer.  I’d like to see him continue to put that on display and to see other sets put in place for him to score.  His ability to dribble in traffic is better than I gave him credit for.
  • Darius Miller was out there working hard and made the most of his time.  He’s not been given extended time to get rhythm, and he got some tonight.  He’s heady, and might be an option at the two guard.
  • Our scrubs outscored theirs?
  • I’ve loved Andre Miller since he won me a fantasy basketball league back when he led the league in assists in Cleveland.  The guy’s Basketball IQ is off the chart.  Put him with McGee, like the Nuggets do, and he almost compensates.

Have a good night.


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