In the NO Podcast Episode 94: Gordon goes to LA, leaves no guards behind?

Michael and I come at you from the closing minutes of the Philly game. We talk about what we saw in that game, talk about the news that Eric Gordon is going to LA to ahem . . . rehab, and then preview the Charlote Game. We even begin speculating on what Eric Gordon is worth on the trade market! Trade talk! Yay?

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16 responses to “In the NO Podcast Episode 94: Gordon goes to LA, leaves no guards behind?”

  1. Honestly, I think the Hornets went too far to keep Gordon and should just trade him. If he really is hurt, that’s one thing, but if he’s just playing games, trade him to Milwaukee as a big middle finger to him. I’d go after someone like Tyreke Evans or Monta Ellis in a trade, at least you get something back and a better contract on someone who isn’t so injury prone.

  2. Fuuny someone mentioned trading him to Milwaukee. If he hates NOLA I’m sure he will just love Buc country. Too dang funny.

  3. I doubt he’ll approve a trade to Sacramento but they seem like a team that would want him. Aside from Cousins and this past draft, it seems like they’re just collecting guards and they don’t mind headcases like Cousins or defensive shirkers like Thornton. The other teams that came to my mind are no longer realistic: Phoenix can’t trade for him and Houston just got Harden. If somehow Dell can dump him for at least half his salary this year in expirings I’ll be content.

    I wanted to add that I enjoyed the rest of the podcast as well and the constant stream of content from all the writers here. It’s too much to keep up with (which is good).

  4. STOP IT… How many players are going through similar rehab issues.. Bynum, D. Rose, etc…. Let is go…

    • How many players get arthroscopic surgery and sit out for 9 months? Just one.

      How many players play through sore shoulders, ankles, knees, fingers, bone spurs…? Lots

      • Ron, you are ignoring the practice, the games played leading up to his contract offseason, attempt to play basketball with the best players in the world during that time.

        Oh, wait… that’s worse…

  5. How about a threeway trade Clippers/Hornets/Bucks
    Clippers trade Eric Bledsoe for Monta Ellis
    Bucks trade Monta Ellis & Brandon Jennings for Eric Bledsoe & Eric Gordon
    Hornets trade Eric Gordon for Brandon Jennings

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