Chiba Ice Cream Sunday: 20121007

Published: October 7, 2012

News from the week and a little peek ahead.

The first exhibition game of the season is upon us. Even if the game does not `count’, it’s a chance to see our team . . . our team, mind you . . . play. This should get everyone fired up. If you don’t know why, check out what Grayson has to say on the subject of getting on the New Orleans Hornets bandwagon while there’s room.

Check out Mike’s preview coming up shortly. The game again the Magic in Mexico City will air on NBATV at 1:30 CDT (UTC -5).

After this first game, two against Charlotte and one against Houston. The first of those three is at the Arena on Tuesday, tipping at 7:00 CDT, Thursday’s game is in the ostensibly neutral Charleston (a favorite city of mine, and City Lights is a favorite coffeehouse) tipping at 6:30 CDT, with the Rockets game on Friday at 7:00 CDT.

It’ll be a crash course in what to expect.

Who will start? This time, it appears to be Vasquez, Rivers, Aminu, Davis, and Lopez.

Who will finish? How is Lopez? Has Aminu improved? Is Henry going to earn his option?

Will Gordon be able to play? No, but maybe soon. Maybe.

It begins.

Rohan takes a look at the possibilities, as well.

Other than the Magic game, these others are not on television. While most preseason games are not on television (we have two of eight), we will not be seeing much from the flagship Fox Sports New Orleans, mostly because it does not exist. New Orleans continues not to be a “region” on their website and the Hornets continue not to be a team. New Hornets broadcaster David Wesley told Ryan and Michael on a special podcast that they were just having meetings about broadcasts in general this week, so we will likely not get recap or magazine shows for a couple of weeks. They would be smart to get their act together with some magazine shows prior to opening tip on Halloween Night.

Sticking with team business, two other stories actually did develop this week.

First, Dell indicated the Hornets practice facility would be ready for next season, it would be one of the largest, and possibly the largest, in the NBA, and that it would be located near the Saints Practice Facility at 5800 Airline Drive. This has been a sticking point for years. Given that the state is paying a good chunk of change for this and that the LSED lists the SPF as one of its properties, it seems this building might fall under the same umbrella.

Second, the New Orleans Arena was selling Coke products at the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert Thursday night. This is a strong indicator, but not proof, that Coke will have the pour rights for the coming season and more.

With media day being this past Monday, a ton of stories came out.

At Hornets247, Joe, Andrew, and Chris Trew hit the bricks.

The Hornets added three camp bodies.

Someone thinks Davis and Anderson on the floor together is a good idea: Anthony Davis. Anderson and Coach both agree. Surprise, surprise.

Not directly associated with media day, Ryan and Michael discuss the opening of camp on In the NO.

Jake took his turn in looking at star rookie impacts, choosing a rookie near-and-dear to Hornets fans’ hearts: Chris Paul.

At the Hive continues their look at the roster: Smith, Anderson, Rivers

Gerry V has some nice words and advice for Davis.

The Saints and Hornets donated $250,000 to the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame. Thanks.

Ryan Anderson is slowing eating his way through town.

Lastly, the Chiba deal worked out pretty well . . . so we got another week. Same deal as last week. It’ll work for you, too, Mr. Anderson. Enjoy.

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