Shorthanded Hornets Cruise to Easy Road Victory Over Lifeless Warriors

Published: March 29, 2012

The Hornets back court simply dominates in the decisive victory over the Warriors.

The Hornets had a solid starting five inactive for tonight’s game against the Warriors, as Gordon, Ariza, Ayon, Okafor, and Kaman were all out due to injury (or pregnancy), but Monty still got the guys to come out, play hard, and quite frankly dominate this game. Just as they did in the last meeting between these two teams, the Hornets won the battle of the boards and out scored the Warriors in the paint. The difference this time was that they also won the turnover battle, and they hit their shots from three.

Jarrett Jack and Marco Belinelli dominated Golden State’s back court, as they combined for 42 points and 15 assists, shooting over 60% from the field, and draining 7 of their 10 three-point attempts. Compare that to just 13 points from the Warriors back court on 30% shooting, and five turnovers from Klay Thompson, who was the star the last time these two teams met. Overall the team had great ball movement, as Vasquez came in off the bench and gave the team solid minutes, dishing out 6 assists while not committing a single turnover.

Whether it was because they were on the second night of a back-to-back or the tank effort was fully on, the Warriors just looked lethargic most of the night. They made a couple of small runs in the second half, but never really threatened a Hornets team that was featuring a terrifying front line of Landry, Smith, Lance Thomas, and Chris Johnson. The loss keeps the Warriors within striking distance of the 7th pick; the highest pick that they will get to keep- but in NO WAY am I implying that is why they lost this game. I would never accuse any team of tanking in the NBA. Never.

Other Notes and Observations:

– A season high 35 minutes tonight for Aminu, and he showed more good than bad. I would have liked to see him take the ball to the hole more against a team that has no shot blocking presence, but that is the only real critique I have. Good energy and decision making from him tonight and that gives me hope that he can lock down the backup small forward position next year, giving the Hornets a solid 15-20 minutes off the bench.

– I saw some people wondering whether Jason Smith will be seen as a villian around the league after the Blake foul. Complete opposite is true; that guy is a hero in the big man community and he has a free pass to the basket whenever he wants now. I’m surprised the Warriors didn’t start a slow clap that ended in a standing ovation when he was announced for tonight’s game. 6-7 from the field, only 1 foul in 26 minutes- it’s gonna be smooth sailing the rest of the season for J-Smitty.

– It’s a shame that there just won’t be any place for Carl Landry on the roster next season because it is fun to watch him play when he is going 100%. Power forward is just so deep this year in the draft, plus Goose and J-Smitty are here. I don’t know; maybe if the Hornets take MKG with their pick and a Center or PG with the Minny pick, he can stay, but I just don’t see that as very likely.

– Kevin Love, I hate you but I respect you. Please, just take the rest of the year off to grow your beard because I am sick of watching you single handedly taking balls from us. Please Kevin Love, don’t take any more of our balls. Please.

– Hornets at Portland next. Another team who made losing a priority at the trade deadline. Tank vs. tank yet again, which team emerges victorious (by losing that is)


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