Videos: Emeka Okafor and Monty Discuss the Hornets Loss

Published: February 7, 2012

Emeka Okafor and Monty Williams talk about the Hornets loss last night to Sacramento and how they can improve in the future, and also Gustavo Ayon’s development. Squeaky Johnson demonstrates a sweet piece of practice equipment. Plus, it’s autograph signing day at Hornets practice.

Punishment for yesterday's loss...

It’s autograph signing day at New Orleans Hornets practice, which means 250 basketballs and, depending on how popular you are, a varying amount of other stuff. Emeka Okafor had a pile of jerseys and the like, but in the end I think it was Jarrett Jack who really had his work cut out for him. He signed at least 30 pairs of shoes along with a dozen balls, a heap of jerseys and other memorabilia, and a stack of pictures. Good thing he’s been resting.

Each player also got a little pile of Valentines Day candy at their station to keep their energy up. Apparently bottle caps, Starburst, and those chalky little hearts are what athletes need to get their sign on.

Monty had to get involved, too. I heard him complain twice before finally buckling down and making it happen.

They posted up Carl Landry in a rolling chair so his injured ass could still contribute to the team (I kid, Carl).

Nothing, and I really mean nothing, makes athletes look more like normal people than when they’re forced to perform a repetitive annoying task over and over again. The looks on their faces remind me of how I feel every time I have to paint a bathroom or install a light fixture. Blah.

At least signing all this stuff will make little kids (and probably some adults) happy.

Enjoy the vids.


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