New Orleans Hornets by the Numbers

A look at the New Orleans Hornets by the numbers. If you have particularly strong feelings about this piece one way or the other, please do tell.

I hate to start on a negative note, but the Hornets have zero victories at home so far this calendar year.

Your Hornets averaged over one point per possession (1.03) on Monday, which is now something they’ve done only one time this season. Their previous high was an even 1.0 against Memphis on January 14th. They also lost by two again, making it three games in a row they’ve been defeated by that margin.

Four players are currently scoring in double digits each game, but two of them are Eric Gordon and Trevor Ariza, who have played two and nine games respectively.

Emeka Okafor has made five of his six shots when spotting up this year. Gustavo Ayon has the highest PER right now for the Hornets (21.3), making him one of seven Hornets who are performing above average according to that metric.

The Hornets have now had 40+ rebounds in eight of their last nine games.

They’ve lost all but one of their 10 home games this year.

As far as rankings go, they come in at number 13 in defensive efficiency (100.8), 25 in offensive efficiency (95.9), 26 in home attendance (14,174), 28 in true shooting percentage (49.5, yuck) and winning percentage (.176, yuck), 29 in pace (90.6), and finally, 30 in home winning percentage (10%).

40 is the three point shooting percentage belonging to Squeaky Johnson, which is the highest on the entire team.

49 games this season are still on the schedule for the Hornets as well as the total number of regular season wins Monty Williams has in his coaching career.

50 is the percent of three pointers the Hornets made on Monday, the second highest they’ve shot from there all season. It’s also the number of regular season losses Monty has in his coaching career.

60 is the percentage they shot from three point land when they beat Denver on the road earlier this month.

92 is the percentage at which the Hornets made their free throws against San Antonio, the highest mark they’ve had all season.

99 is how many regular season games Monty Williams has coached.

100 is the percentage of Hornets fans who need more Gustavo Ayon in their lives.

Thanks to mySynergySports for some statistical info.

8 responses to “New Orleans Hornets by the Numbers”

  1. you could have started with 0 is players have scored over 40 points on the hornets all season! Thats a great stat!

  2. “100 is the percentage of Hornets fans who need more Gustavo Ayon in their lives.”

    So Monty Williams, Jason Smith, Carl Landry, and Chris Kaman aren’t Hornets fans?

  3. the three point shooting and offense in general has just been bad…gordon obviously will help a lot with that. got to find a way to get make it work better for the O

  4. I have a theory why our 3-point percentage is so low. We don’t drive into the lane much so we don’t kick out to a 3-point shooter from the direction of the basket and let them shoot in rhythm. Our 3-point shooters often have to turn then shoot, because the pass is from the side or they dribbled to get to the spot. Jack is particularly bad at the drive and kick, whereas Paul was awesome at it. Once Jack starts a drive, he will finish it with a shot attempt, a short interior pass (often a turnover) or at best a pick-n-pop to Smith or Kaman. Vasquez isn’t much better at this. Watch the high percentage of trips where the point guard doesn’t enter the 3-point arc, let alone the paint…..

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