Game On: Trailblazers @ Hornets (With Live Pre-Game and In-Game Chat)

Published: January 16, 2012

The Hornets take on the Trailblazers on Martin Luther King Day, and we’re chatting it up throughout the game.

...that we can beat the Trailblazers on my sort-of birthday

The Trailblazers take on the Hornets on Martin Luther King Day in New Orleans. As Jim Eichenhofer pointed out to me when we last spoke, the Hornets have only lost one game on Martin Luther King day since moving to New Orleans. He then mentioned that they’ve only played five times total, but whatever! We have the momentum from Martin Luther King Day’s past, and the Blazers have won only a single road game all year.

After that, things sort of stop looking so rosy for the Hornets, so I’ll stop typing and let the 3-on-3 and your imaginations do the rest.

You should also check out Ryan and Michael’s weekly podcast, my radio show from last week (specifically the interviews with Hugh Weber and Matt Moore), and Mason’s Hornet Power Rankings.

Notes From the Arena

  • Monty talked a bit about how disappointing Roy’s injury is/way.He expressed hope that he will one day return to being the player he once was.
  • Ariza is expected back this week.
  • Gordon’s return is uncertain, but he knows they need him back.
  • Against Memphis the bench scored 52 points, the most they have contributed in the past four years.
  • Gustavo Ayon has played the entire fourth quarter in two consecutive games. Monty likey the Gustavo!


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