Hornets Free agents and trades ideas

Published: December 12, 2011

Willie Green or Marco Belinelli would be decent choices if Dell Demps wants to stay in house and re sign one of them or even both. Green Averaging 7 PPG while Belinelli averaging 10 PPG.

Maybe get an old vet like DeShawn Stevenson an 11 year player from the Mavs could a decent signing starting 54 of 74 games last season averaging 5 PPG 38% 3pt shooter and FG’s 38%

Anthony Parker who started 65 of 72 last season with the Cavs would be a good pick despite he’s 36 but dosen’t have declining number is good averaging 8 PPG,37% 3pt shooter,his FG’s 37% and 77% from the free throw line

Filling the voild of CP3 will be hard for a year of two with Jarrett Jack on the roster he could be a starter this season or subbing of the bench,While in the potential trade Eric would be the third PG off the bench despite Hornets fans will not see him play til late january or february

2011 is not a deep class for PG’s thats forsure but theres 1 of the 3 players was a starter last season,the other can be a starter and the other bench player

Rodney Stuckey started 50 of 70 games last season for the Pistons averaging 15 PPG, 5 assist per game he’s good player with decent potential long term he’s no CP3 but is a good inside shooter 43% FG’s and 86% from the free throw line.Stuckey needs to work on shooting above the arch an 28% 3pt shooter.

Reggie Williams who started 9 of 80 games last season with Warriors averaging 9 PPG 43% 3pt shooter, FG’s 49% and 74% from the free throw line.Once a D leauge sensation 2 years ago has been very successful from off the bench but if he’s sign here he would be a starter or earning the starting job.

Ronnie Price who played with Jazz last season average 3 PPG not a starter maybe never will but would be good youth from the bench.

Another PG but can’t sign til march because he’s playing in china is Aaron Brooks yes a namesake of a fomer Saints QB.The NBA Brooks average 10 PPG 29% 3pt shooter,his FG’s 37% and an 88% free throw shooter.

Centers are bench need but not a deep need for now two i’ve in mind who are 7 footers are Alexis Ajinca and Hamed Haddadi

Ajinca is a 7’2 frenchman who played with the Mavs and Raptors last season averging 4 PPG and 2 RPG and 3pt shooter at 35%,FG’s 44% and free throws are 72%

Haddadi another 7’2 center from Iran but played with Grizzlies last season averaging 2PPG.

Trade ideas: Teams like the Nuggets,Pacers and Blazers are in need of a center if the Hornets trade either Okafor or Kaman for another player or draft picks would be great especially for cap space.


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  1. neitzelbaby12

    December 12, 2011 at 6:02 pm

    ur missing something:


  2. NOS-3rd Gen

    December 13, 2011 at 12:10 pm

    Centerpiece-Why Is Indiana in need of a Center. don’t they have Roy Hibbert? if they do and we get Kaman. Kaman is good enough to ask for a 1st Round pick and R.Hibbert in a trade. we would cut a lot of money, get a Center w/ cheap cash and a high on potential, and yeah as for Back-Up Center since the Hornets want to go w/ height this year they should go after A.Ajinca. in an average of 10 mpg he can score 4 ppg and 2 rpg. and we kno in mins wise the hornets will give him more mins than Toronto did, so he would be averaging better stats down here than up there!!

    Also did you guys here that the Raptors might amnesty Andrea Bangnani. man if that happens after all this Clippers and Ind trade stuff happen trade okafor to another weak w/ a standing for some more Draft picks and this team’s future is secured!!! We definitely should jump for an opprotunity at this. he would be like a taller, and better version of Peja Stojakavic. only reason why the hornets wouldn’t do this is b/c he doesn’t have the defense mentality that Monty wants!!!

    Overall I think we need to be Patient for now our time is coming Just You wait!!

  3. Hornets686

    December 13, 2011 at 10:32 pm

    None of those players of are any interest! The Kings have alot of young players we might be able to get… especially Hickson!

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