Play for Melo?

I really don’t want the Hornets to get Carmelo. There’s been plenty of talk about him, and how we’d need to give up Thorton in order to get him. To all of that, I’d say bullcrap. But after yesterday’s trade, I’m now concerned that this is exactly what the front office is trying to do- Thorton and expiring contracts (Peja, Green, Smith) for Melo and depth at PF.

In other words, a starting line-up of CP3, Melo, West, Okafor and some mashup at SG of Ariza, Bellini or some other player, and sign Pargo for depth at both guards.

I don’t want the Hornets to get rid of Thorton, but at this time, it appears our biggest trade assets are Thorton, West and a ton of expiring contracts. More importantly, we have no guarantee that Melo stays after next season. However, I think that all the politically-correct talk from the front office might be a smokescreen hiding the fact that Chris is truly unhappy with what’s around him, and he wants his Olympic buddies playing with him too.

Again, I don’t think it’s a smart move, as Thorton has the capability of being a very special 2 guard for the foreseeable future. However, with the moves made over the last two four years around the league, superstars have a lot more pull than in the past to get what they want. I think that CP would rather have Melo instead of Thorton, and he may just get that.

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