The Remaining Free Agents

Having a look over the hornets squad , i would like to see a PG, PF and C signed as bench players for the squad.

I think PF because we need rebounding there as a reserve and Songaila and brackins wont bring that and the others are kinda self explanatory.

For PG i can really only see 2 serviceable options – Earl  Watson and Delonte West. Delonte West is undeniably the better player, however there are a number of things to take into account before snapping him up – his 10 game suspension then his mental issues. he could i believe be a very good 3rd guard playing point despite being a tweener. Im not sure i want him on the team though, despite being better in every way than earl watson  – I would rather have Watsons steady production as the backup, rather than the potential flare ups that West could bring. There is also L. Hughes but…. no. Looking at other guards there are other people who i have discounted – inexperienced (we have our long shot, Shakur) these include P Mills M Williams and S Gaines, old – Alston Atkins Tinsley, crap -Diener Brown and then Pargo who i just dont want. I just dont think any of them offer more than Watson or West would. (please nobody mention iverson… dammit.) If TJ Ford were to get bought out i wouldnt mind him.


Correct me if i am wrong but i think that there is really only one serviceble PF left on the market – L Amundosn. I want him. Hustle, defense and rebounding – a great example for the team. other Forwards woh might be PFs if they want left are Joe Alexander  – athletic but crap, Jonathan Bender (i only want him because of Futurama, though i would prefer Zoidberg, just imagine JR Smith flipping on him, trying to strangle him but him using the ink pouch running away going ‘ Woop, woop woop woop’ magical, but i digress…) Ike Diogu may be an option if hes healthy but i have heard/read no words about him all summer, pre injury i would have liked  him.


Backup C has a number of options that wouldnt make me cry, that number is 2:

Earl barron: I personally have never seen him play but he got good reviews so he makes the list (he averaged 11.7 points and 11 boards in 7 games for the knicks last year)

Josh Boone: More athletic than anyone we have at C and definitely good enough to fight out Gray for the rest of the minutes would be good as he would give us a different look as opposed to big and slow.

The rest: Marks (i liked him emphasis on past tense) Etan thomas (meh) and Joe Smith (meh)

That scares me if we dont get Boone or Barron…. I will also mention that Fesenko of the Jazz is a RFA though i cant see us giving him and offer the Jazz wouldnt match, and i wouldnt want us too either.


I will also say that if Peja gets traded Bobby Simmons wouldnt be a bad pickup to replace his garbage minutes (for shooting). If Songaila gets traded i hope we have one of the pfs above and that brackins can replace his type of game (i believe he can) This is if they arent replaced in the trade…


If anyone else has any other ideas please mention them in the comments!

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